China – Pray for Wisdom as Parents Seek to Train their Children in the Ways of the Lord

Christian parents in China have encountered many challenges trying to provide Biblical training for their children as churches face punishment for allowing children to attend worship services. In fact, several youth Bible study camps have been raided by the authorities.

Several Christian schools were also raided in September and October this year. Students, teachers, staff (including a director and a principal) and a few parents were taken into custody during the raid. Although the students have since been released, the rest are still detained.

Pray that these detained believers will be released soon and will not be subjected to any fines or prison sentences. Pray for wisdom, guidance and protection for Christian educators as they endeavour to honour God by training the young in the ways of the Lord.

Pray that Christian parents will persevere in raising their children in an environment where every conversation in the home revolves around God and His Word (Deut 6:7). And these young believers will learn to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind (Matt 22:37).


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Central Asia – Pray for Pastors who Risk all To Disciple the Young

In many post-Soviet countries, teaching religion to children under the age of 18 is illegal.  However, pastors in several Central Asian countries have been faithfully teaching the gospel to the young in spite of great personal risk. They hold summer camps for all children, both believers and non-believers.

Pray that God will protect these pastors and their families as they do the work of the Lord. Pray that the children who attend the summer camps and their families will be greatly blessed and those who do not know the Lord will receive salvation.

Pray that these pastors and their churches will be blessed with the necessary financial provision, resources, creative ideas and help that they need in order to bless and minister to the community they live in.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Please Pray – ERCC Members Told to Leave Their Homes

On Sunday, 22 August, 28 Early Rain Covenant Church (“ERCC”) members who gathered in a home for a worship service was arrested. The leaders of the service spent two weeks in jail and were made to pay a fine.

A week later, ERCC member, Zhang Fan, whose wedding was scheduled for 28 August, was forced to look for a new wedding venue – twice – after officials threatened the venue’s owners. In the end, Zhang had to host her wedding in her home instead.

A few days later, ERCC members living in the Jiaoda Garden Wuhuo gated community were told to move out of their homes within 3 days. ERCC members have endured intense persecution since December 2012 when the church was raided and Pastor Wang Yi arrested and sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Pray that these believers will be able to find new and better accommodation. Pray that all their needs will be provided for and that their faith will remain strong.


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India – Three Men Arrested for Sharing the Gospel

Three Indian believers were arrested after sharing the gospel, and interrogated for more than 9 hours. Whilst in custody, the three men decided to fast and pray, and read Scripture together from an app on one of the men’s handphone.

After their arrest and while they were still in custody, one of the wives of the men wrote, “I am feeling at peace knowing God is in control of this situation. I am asking that He would be glorified and the national believers to be encouraged and their faith strengthened. I am starting to feel tired and drained, but still hopeful in Him and all the ways He desires to use this and be glorified.”

The men were eventually released many hours later.

Pray that the Lord will bless and empower these believers such that whenever they share the gospel many will be touched by the Lord, believe and receive salvation. 


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Sri Lanka – Family Not Allowed to Hold a Christian Funeral

After a member of the Grama Missionary Church passed away, the family was not allowed to hold a Christian funeral. Because Christian rites could not be performed in a public cemetery. The deceased’s family members felt intimidated and decided to comply. This is a recurring issue facing Christians in this area.

Pray for the grieving family – that they will experience the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that their faith will be renewed in the Lord despite the obstacles and opposition they may face when practicing their Christian faith.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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