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Nepal – Teen Follows Christ Despite Family Pressure

15-year-old Himal placed his trust in Christ in September 2022 when his aunt shared the gospel with him.

Since then, Himal’s family has been pressurizing him to stop attending church. His father, who is working abroad, repeatedly called home and threatened to disown Himal and kick him out of the house if he refuses to renounce his Christian faith.

When Himal chose not to participate in a religious festival which his family celebrated, his father told him, “You are not my son. You are a big dog whom I am keeping in my house.”

Himal is expecting more persecution from his family and friends. Yet, he continues to attend church and is determined to follow Christ. He is prepared to face persecution for the sake of his faith.

We thank and praise God for Himal’s courage and faithfulness. Pray that God will soften the hearts of Himal’s family and friends. Pray that they will respond to the gospel message and believe in the Lord when they see the transformation and the goodness of God in the life of Himal.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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Sri Lanka – Pastor’s Home & Church in Danger

Pastor Ranjan’s application for permission to build a worship place was rejected by the authorities. So, he built an extension to his house to serves as a place for worship.

But police and government officials, under the influence of local thugs, have declared the space an illegal place of worship. They are threatening to seize and destroy not just the extension but Pastor Ranjan’s entire house. As a result of this persecution, Pastor Ranjan’s wife is experiencing medical problems and depression. And members of Pastor Ranjan’s church are reluctant to attend church for fear of any negative repercussions.

Pray that the authorities will allow Pastor Ranjan to keep his house. Pray for healing for Pastor Ranjan’s wife. Pray that God will provide a place for Pastor Ranjan and his church to meet for worship and fellowship. Pray that members of his church will remain firm in their faith during this challenging and uncertain time.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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Turkey – Massive Earthquake Kills Pastor and Wife Among Thousands

At 4:17 a.m. local time on Monday, 6th February 2023, a massive earthquake shook eastern Turkiye and Western Syria. The quake, registering 7.8 on the Richter scale, caused thousands of buildings, including many multi-story residential buildings, to collapse.

Tens of thousands of people died as a result, and Christians in Turkiye’s larger cities report being unable to contact their relatives in the earthquake zone.

A front-line worker reported that one local pastor and his wife, along with their young son, were trapped in a collapsed building. The couple died but their young son survived.

Pray that God will provide a new home and family for this pastor’s young son to settle down in. Pray that God will comfort this young boy as he grieves and mourns the loss of his beloved parents.

Pray for strength, resilience and healing for this young boy, and many others, who are suffering in the aftermath of this devastating earthquake.


(Source : VOM, Photo : Internet)

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Nepal – Abused Teen Finds Refuge and Hope

36-year-old Tara received salvation in Christ in 2020 and brought her eldest daughter, Khushi, now 16, to church together with her. Tara was persecuted by her husband because of her faith. He would beat her up and pressurize her to renounce her Christian faith.

When Tara left for Dubai to work as a housekeeper to earn money to support her children, Khushi continued attending church. And even brought her 3 younger siblings to church and led them to faith in Christ. This angered their father and he started abusing Khushi.

Because of the continuous abuse, Khushi decided to leave home with her sisters. The girls are now living with a Christian family whilst remaining in contact with their mother. Although they do not have much and live in great uncertainty, Khushi expressed that they are happy in the Lord and hopes that their father will come to know Jesus as his Saviour.

Pray that God will protect and provide for the needs of these siblings and the Christian family they are living with. Pray that these girls will continue to grow in their faith and maturity in Christ. Pray that their father will open his heart to receive Christ and the family may be reunited.

Pray also for protection and strength for Tara during the period of separation from her children.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Myanmar – Churches Being Destroyed

On 12th January 2023, 2 fighter jets attacked the Karen village of Lay Wah, destroying 2 churches. As a result of the attack, numerous people were injured and about 5 people were killed, including  a mother and her young child, a Catholic catechist teacher and a Baptist pastor.

This latest airstrike is only one of a series of attacks that have destroyed more than a hundred religious sites within the past two years.

Then on 15th January this year, military forces raided the village of Chan Thar in the Sagaing Region and set fire to a century-old Catholic church and a nearby convent. More than 3,000 people were forced to flee their village which was left in rubble.

Pray that those who are injured and/or mourning the loss of loved ones will find peace, comfort and healing in God. Pray for the safety of surviving citizens and their need for practical humanitarian relief, along with the resources required to rebuild their destroyed churches and homes.

Pray that the Lord will bless the ongoing ministry efforts of our Christian brothers and sisters in Myanmar, giving each one of them greatly needed strength, wisdom and encouragement as they diligently serve others amid this turbulent time. Pray that there will be a cessation of violence and a peaceful resolution to this lengthy conflict.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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