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Iran – Suicidal Teen Finds Hope In Christ

Christian teen, Azadeh, was raped when she was 12 years old. Since then, she started having panic attacks, seizures and severe depression. She even attempted suicide on several occasions.

Azadeh decided to commit her life to Satan.  But after making that dedication, her health worsened.

One day, friends in a coffee shop gave her some Christian reading materials.  Desperate for anything that would help, Azadeh read the first story about God. She immediately asked the Lord to bring His light into her soul. That same day, she felt darkness leave her room and she stopped having nightmares during her sleep. She said, “it was as if a curtain had been pulled away from in front of my eyes and the darkness in my heart left.”

Today, she is a young disciple of Christ, growing in her walk with the Lord.

Pray that Azadeh will continue to grow in her faith and maturity in Christ. Pray that she will shine for Jesus wherever she goes and her testimony will draw many to place their trust in God.

Afghanistan – There is Light in the Midst of Darkness

When the Taliban gained control of the governance of Afghanistan about a year ago, many organizations were forced to shut down their in-country operations and thousands of believers left the country because of the suffering they knew would be coming as a result.

Women are now restricted from working or receiving a proper education, and they are not permitted to leave their house without an accompanying male relative. And it was reported that in May this year, the country’s human rights commission was dissolved for reasons that it was “not necessary”.

Despite the danger, some Christians have chosen to remain in the country to be witnesses for Christ. These brave believers have found opportunities to share the Gospel and reach out to those suffering under severe economic hardships. Several Christian organisations are also bringing the hope of Christ into the nation through multimedia technology.

We thank and praise God that there is light and hope even in the midst of darkness.

Please pray for the Christians still living in Afghanistan. Pray that they will be strengthened and empowered to be effective witnesses for Christ even during these very difficult times. Pray that God will supply and provide them with all that they need for themselves and for the community they are reaching out to.

Pray also that God will bless the ministries endeavouring to spread the Gospel message in Afghanistan. Pray that God will multiply the effort and the work of their hands and expand their ministry.


(Source : VOMC, Photo : Internet)

#Persecuted Church

Nepal – Please pray for Krishna

After working away from home for the past 45 years as a security guard, 65-year-old Krishna returned home to his family in Nepal but they wouldn’t let him stay in their home.

Distraught and homeless, Krishna tried to commit suicide. His younger son, who lived in another part of Nepal, took him in. After moving in with his son, Krishna met someone who suggested that he go to church because Jesus could give him the peace that he was searching for. Krishna found a church, attended services regularly in November 2021, and eventually put his trust in Christ.

Five months after receiving salvation in Christ, his son discovered his church attendance and kicked him out of the house. Since then, Krishna has had to live in the church.  He did not give up his new-found faith and was baptized recently. He is now praying that his family will come to know Christ.

Pray that Krishna will be able to find suitable and permanent housing. Pray that God will provide for all his needs in the interim. Pray that many people will be drawn to put their trust in Christ through the faithful witness of Krishna. Pray that Krishna’s family will come to know Christ and they will be reconciled with him.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Sri Lanka – Church Planters Beaten by Mob for Sharing Their Faith

On 8th June, about 50 adults and children gathered for an event, organized by a group of church planters, where they sang worship songs and the gospel was shared. As the people were leaving the place, a local villager appeared and accused the event organisers of converting people to Christianity.

Later, as the church planters were leaving, men on three-wheelers followed them and cut into their lane, forcing them to stop. A mob then surrounded them and cursed them for converting people to Christianity. About 10 of the men assaulted the church planters.

Today, four families from the village who attended the church planters’ event have  started a house church. And those who were beaten are planning to start additional churches in the village despite the threat of persecution.

Pray for these churches and the safety of all those who attend. Pray that whenever the gospel is preached many will believe and come to faith in Christ.


(Source : VOM, Photo : Internet)

#Persecuted Church

Indonesia – Pray for Nia

When Nia’s family learned of her Christian faith, they threatened to behead her.  They kept her locked in her own room for several days, forced her to take psychiatric drugs and arranged for a spiritual leader to pray for “healing” for her.

Nia’s Christian friends and church community are unsure how to help her because any intervention on their part could lead to the family hurting or even killing Nia.

Pray for Nia’s safety. Pray that God will sustain her and help her to stand firm in her faith. Pray that her family will come to faith in Christ through her witness.


(Source : VOM, Photo : Internet)

#Persecuted Church

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