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Pakistan – Home Burned and Children Killed

Sahid and his wife, Memona, and their six children live in a small village in Pakistan. In April 2022, a village leader and one of Sahid’s relatives confronted Sahid and Memona about their Christian faith. The couple was asked why they did not participate in some of the festivals and prayers together with the other villagers. And they were pressured to renounce their faith in Christ

About two weeks after this confrontation, Sahid and Memona’s family home was set on fire and two of their youngest children were killed. A police report was made but the couple was pressured to claim that the fire was an accident.

Pray for Sahid and Memona as they process their grief over the loss of their children and their home. Pray that this family will be able to find comfort and peace in God’s presence. Pray that God will provide a new home for them and they will be able to recover all that they lost in the fire.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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Nepal – Christian Teen Beaten and Chased Out Of Home For Visiting Lower-Caste Believers

17-year-old Shanti lived with her aunt and cousin who belonged to a high caste in Nepal. Shanti, a Christian has a passion for leading others into a deeper walk with Christ. She has led youth and women’s groups and regularly visited believers in their homes.

Some of the believers she visited are Dalits who belong to the lowest caste. When Shanti’s cousin, a respected teacher in the village, learned of her visits to these Dalit believers in late 2021, he repeatedly beat her and eventually forced her out of his home. And Shanti’s aunt did not come to her defense. Since then, Shanti’s pastor let her live in the church.

Pray that Shanti will continue to grow in her faith despite the challenges she is facing. Pray that she will be able to find a more permanent and appropriate housing soon.

Pray that Shanti’s aunt and cousin will come to faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

China – Pray for Elders Hao and Wu

More than 6 months after his arrest on 17th November 2021, Elder Hao was finally allowed to meet with his lawyer on 31st May 2022. Elder Hao is from Early Rain Qingcaodi Church.

According to Elder Hao’s wife, her husband is in very poor health. But he was not allowed to leave the detention centre in order to seek medical treatment because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Another church elder, Elder Wu, who was arrested at about the same time as Elder Hao, is also currently awaiting trial.

Pray that justice will prevail for these two imprisoned church leaders and they will be released soon.

Pray that God will watch over their family members, provide for their every need, strengthen and comfort them during this trying time.

Pray that Elder Hao will be able to receive the medical treatment that he needs.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Sri Lanka – Christian Man Beaten To Death In His Own Home

Kalithas, a prominent and active leader in his church, received many threats from the community, warning him that he would face severe consequences if he continued his bold witness of Christ in the village.

On 16th December 2021, four men went to Kalithas’ home and attempted to destroy his house. When confronted, the men threw alcohol in Kalithas’ face and beat him until he fell to the ground. Whilst on the ground, three men held him down while the fourth struck his head with an iron rod before fleeing from the premises.  Kalithas was rushed to hospital and was in a coma until he died on 20th December.

Pray for Kalithas’ family, that they will find strength and comfort in the Lord as they grieve the loss of their loved one. Pray that Kalithas’ labour for the Kingdom of God will not be in vain but will bear much fruit. Pray that many villagers who hear his story will believe in the Lord and receive salvation, including the four men who killed him.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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India – Couple Arrested Due To Allegation of “Forced Conversions”

On 17th May, the day that the anti-conversion law came into effect in Kartanaka State, a complaint was filed against Pastor V and his wife for allegedly converting more than 1,000 people from the Yerava tribal community during their visits to the area’s coffee plantations.

The accused Christians were caught trying to get Paniyaravara and his family, whom had received Bibles from the couple, to pray with them. Paniyaravara submitted a written complaint that the pastor and his wife was trying to convert him and his family just as they did to his nephew earlier.

Pray that Pastor V and his wife will be filled with God’s shalom peace. Pray that they will not fear but will trust in God who is their strength and defense. Pray that they will receive wisdom and guidance  

From the Lord as they deal with these allegations. Pray that all charges against them will be dropped.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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