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Afghanistan – Pray for Afghan Christian refugees

Afghan Christians struggling to survive as refugees in neighbouring countries have asked for prayer.

According to international relief agencies, Afghans constitute the third largest displaced population in the world after Syrian and Ukrainian refugees. These groups report that at least 1.2 million Afghans fled when the Taliban seized control in August 2021, joining many who had previously evacuated. In total, around 8 million Afghan refugees are believed to live in neighbouring countries, including some Christians.

According to a font-line worker, there has been an increase in openness to the gospel from within Afghanistan.

Pray that these Afghan refugees will experience God’s peace, protection and provision. Pray that they will not be deported back to Afghanistan. Pray that new believers will have effective follow-up, discipleship and be placed into house fellowships where they can continue to grow in their faith.  


(Source & Photo: VOM)

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Sri Lanka – Distribution of Christmas Care Packs Make Way for New Church

A church in the Batticaloa area of Sri Lanka conducted their first Christmas Care Pack distribution early in the summer.

One of the distribution points was in a hunters’ village deep in the jungle. The children in this village were overjoyed to receive their Christmas packs.

There was no church in this village prior to this distribution. This event gave front-line workers an opportunity to negotiate with the village leader to allocate land to build a church in the village.

Workers are now in the process of procuring the land.

Pray that everything necessary for the procurement and construction of the church will be divinely provided for in a timely manner. Pray that the church will be firmly established and be a great blessing in this area and in neighbouring villages.  


(Source & Photo: VOM)

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Laos – Mother and Children Rejected Because of Their Christian Faith

Inn came to faith in Christ when his uncle shared the gospel with his family in February 2022.

Village leaders threatened to kick him out of school and evict his family from the village because of his Christian faith. He was compelled to seek refuge with front-line workers to help him complete high school and grow in his faith.

In the meantime, Inn kept in touch with his family and would share the gospel with them whenever he could. In January 2023, his mother, Phin, and his two sisters came to faith in Christ.

Village officials and Inn’s father persecuted the new believers. Finally, in June 2023, Inn’s father kicked them out of the home. Fortunately, they were able to stay temporarily with other Christians. Phin works as a day labourer to support herself and her children and front-line workers are helping them with basic necessities.

Inn is now working to help his mother and he wants to be an evangelist.

Pray that the Lord would provide a permanent home for Phin and her children and all their needs will be met by God their Provider (Phil 4:19). Pray that they will grow in their faith and draw others to Christ. Pray that the Lord will soften the heart of Inn’s father and enable him to understand the gospel and receive salvation in Christ.   


(Source & Photo: VOM)

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Algeria – Please pray for Pastor Youssef

Pastor Youssef is the vice president of the Église Protestante d’Algérie (EPA), an association consisting of more than 45 Protestant churches. He also serves as a senior pastor who oversees a number of churches and Bible schools.

In March 2023, Pastor Youssef held a 3-day gathering with a few Christian families in a compound which had a church building that was sealed by the government in 2019.  Because of this gathering, Pastor Youssef was arrested and charged with holding an unauthorised religious assembly.

He was convicted and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and a fine at a court hearing held in his absence. The accused pastor was not informed of the hearing and verdict until recently. He has since appealed against the verdict and another hearing has been scheduled on 19th November.

Pray for wisdom, guidance and direction for Pastor Youssef and his legal advisers as they prepare for the upcoming hearing. Pray that the court will rule in favour of Pastor Youssef. Pray that the Name of the Lord will be glorified in all situations.

(Source & Photo: VOMC)

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Pakistan – Murder Motivated by Hatred

On 9th November 2023, 20-year-old Christian student, Farhan, was killed in his family’s home by an intruder, Zubair, who was known for harboring hatred towards Christians and Jews.

The day before the murder, Farhan and Zubair had a minor argument. The next day, at 3am, Zubair entered Farhan’s home through a window and shot Farhan three times. He then held the victim’s family hostage for nearly 40 minutes, refusing to allow them to come near the fatally injured young man.

Throughout the ordeal, Zubair ranted about his hatred for Jews and taunted the victimized Christian family. By the time Zubair left and the parents brought their injured son to the hospital, it was too late to save him.

The attack came in the midst of a volatile situation which was further escalated by the war between Israel and Hamas. The murder of Farhan was not an isolated occurrence in the village of Talwandi Inayat Khan, Punjab.

In a previous incident, two Christian brothers, Aqib and Asher, were beaten by locals after they expressed support for Israel. As a result, several Christian families fled the village for fear of additional violence.

Pray that the Lord will minister His peace, love and comfort to Farhan’s family and friends in their time of grief. Pray that his family will receive much-needed financial and legal assistance to ensure justice is meted out for Farhan. Pray for protection for other Christian families living in Pakistan.


(Source & Photo: VOMC)

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