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Azerbaijian – Christian Community Authorized to Meet after Many Years

For 25 years, believers of a Baptist community in the village of Aliabad have been seeking legal status to meet as a church. They were repeated ignored or denied legal status and their church meetings have been regularly raided and religious literature seized. Despite the opposition, the church continued to gather for worship and teaching while attempting to get official status.

In late January, Pastor Hamid Shabanov received letter from the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations. Although official status has not been granted, the committed stated that they had “no objection” to the church community meeting for 2 hours every Saturday morning.

We praise God for this long-waited decision.

While the decision was quickly followed by restrictions related to COVID-19, pray that these believers will be able to meet together in peace without any opposition as soon as the global health concern subsides. Continue to pray that Pastor Hamid and his congregation will soon receive official status as a church.

Pray that many in Azerbaijian will have the opportunity to hear and understand the gospel message, and place their faith in the Lord.
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India – Christian Beaten Into A Coma

A Christian family in the village of Kodalmetla, Odisha, was attacked on the night of March 11th.

Kama Sodi and his wife were praying together, as was their habit, when a group of villagers shouting death threats stormed into their house. The mob agreed to stop if Kama would renounce his faith in Christ and turn back to their tribal religion. Kama refused to do so.

The next morning, the mob of about 60 people returned to Kama’s house and beat him until he became unconscious. They then threw the family’s belongings out of the house and ordered them to leave the village.

Kama regained consciousness one and a half days later but had to remain in hospital for a week because of the discovery of blood clots in his brain.

When the family finally returned to the village, they found most of their belongings missing and mud covering their food. Kama’s wife, Bhimeshwari, tried to find work to pay for their daily needs but no one would hire her.

Although the Sodi family has been ostracised by the other villagers and is facing intense opposition, they continue to trust the Lord. “I have no money or food to feed my children, but I have Jesus, and He will provide for us,” declares Bhimeshwari.

Please pray for Kama, Bhimeshwari and their children. Pray that God will protect them and provide for their daily needs as they faithfully honour God through their lives and testimony.

Pray that they will continue to experience the peace and joy that comes with serving the Lord, despite the harsh repercussions they have encountered.

Pray for complete healing for Kama.

Pray that those opposed to the gospel will be drawn to the Lord and come to salvation as they witness the power and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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China demolishes state-sanctioned Church during Easter

Donghu Church in Qinghai, a state-sanctioned church, had about 300 members and was the oldest and largest church in its district. It was demolished on 12th April this year.

Previously the church had its power supply cut on Christmas day and in 2017 the fire department closed the church citing a ‘hidden danger’. In the following year, the church bought a new building but they were not allowed to relocate there or renovate the building. So the congregation had to meet in a hotel, only to be told later that that constituted an ‘illegal gathering’. Now the authorities have pulled down their church.

Please pray for members of Donghu Church. Pray that they will remain firm in their faith in Christ despite not being able to meet for worship and not being able to listen to sermons being preached online.

Pray that the each individual will be strengthened and encouraged as they meditate on the Word of God.


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Laos – Young Couple Kicked Out of Family Home

Phu and Sri married at a young age and moved in to stay with Phu’s parents. After Sri gave birth to their daughter, she was often ill and had no one to take care of her whilst her husband, Phu, worked long hours in a banana plantation.

Sri sought prayer from a local house church and was healed of her illness. Both Sri and Phu, placed their faith in Christ but when Phu’s mother found out, she beat Sri so severely that Sri’s face and ears became swollen. Phu’s mother also told her son and daughter-in-law that they could no longer live with her. Sri has no family to provide support for them.

Pray that they will be able to find alternative accommodation and receive support from the church.

Pray they will be greatly blessed and well provided for as they continue to place their trust in God stand firm in their newfound faith.

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COVID-19 and the Persecuted Church

As the world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, the burden is far greater for those who are downtrodden and oppressed.

In an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19 in India, residents have been ordered to return to their home villages. This has left most of them without food or shelter, and many of India’s Christians are among the poorest segments of the population and they may face further rejection because of their faith.

Christians in refugee camps around the world are also experiencing similar problems. They are frequently neglected when humanitarian aid is being distributed.

In Pakistan, organisations have been providing food aid to those hard hit by the lockdown. On more than one occasion, Christians have been denied food aid when their identification papers show they are Christians.

Please pray for healing for those who are suffering from this disease. Pray for those who have lost loved ones as a result of this infection. Pray that they will be comforted by the Lord and that they will find the strength to carry on.

Pray for those who have been denied humanitarian or medical aid because of their faith in Christ. Pray that God will supply the funds and resources for humanitarian or Christian organisations to provide for and assist believers who have been neglected.

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(Source & Picture : VOM)

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