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China – Christian Memorial Service Raided

A Christian memorial service in Guiyang city was raided and all items of religious nature was removed. Praying, singing of hymns or reading Scripture at the service was also not allowed. People entering the building for the service were being monitored and anyone who brought musical instruments were prohibited from entering into the venue.

The persecution of Christians has been intense in Guiyang. Many worship services have been raided, as well as the homes of pastors. And Christians were arrested merely for professing their faith in Jesus.

Pray for Christians in Guiyang and others in China facing increasing pressure to deny Christ. Pray that they will courageously remain firm in their faith and boldly continue to minister to one another and share the gospel message of love and hope.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Bangladesh – Pray for Mannan

Village leaders were angry with Mannan for deciding to follow Jesus Christ.  They told villagers to ostracize Mannan’s relatives and even told local vendors to deny them food. As animosity between the parties grew, village leaders accused Mannan of causing trouble and called for police to arrest him.

As a result, Mannan and his relatives were summoned to the police station on 15th June. As Bangladeshi law allows for freedom of religion, police officials tried to calm tensions, and called for peace and coexistence between the parties as there were no grounds for arrest.

We praise God for the police officers who prioritized peace and religious freedom.

Pray for Mannan to remain strong in his faith and for his relatives to receive salvation in Christ.

Pray that the hearts of the village leaders and villagers will be softened, and that they will turn to Jesus for forgiveness, salvation and everlasting life.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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Many in Restricted Nations & Hostile Areas are Hungering for the Truth of God’s Word

Shakeel and his family shared a home with a Catholic Christian family. A Christian worker, who visited the Christian family regularly for prayer and encouragement, was introduced to Shakeel’s family. When the Christian worker prayed for Shakeel and his family, they were moved and felt peaceful. So, they requested that the worker continue visiting and teaching them the Word of God. They were given an Urdu Bible, which their teenage son was able to understand and read to them. After some time, Shakeel received salvation and was baptized. The rest of his family has also requested to be baptized.

Pray for Shakeel and his family – that they will continue to grow in their faith and Christlikeness. Pray that as they delight in and meditate on the Word of God, they will be fruitful and will prosper in all that they do (Ps 1: 2-3).

Pray that many more in Pakistan will hunger for the truth of God’s Word and respond in faith to the gospel message.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

India – Pastor Killed For Sharing His Faith

For a period of more than 2 months, Pastor Vin had been sharing his faith with Sonu, a prisoner who was recently released on bail. Sonu had even been to the pastor’s home for prayer but rejected an invitation to give his life to Christ.

On the evening of 30th June, Pastor Vin received a phone call from Sonu’s brother asking for prayer for a villager who was sick. As Pastor Vin left the village on his motorbike, Sonu who was waiting in ambush, struck the pastor from behind with a wooden beam, knocking him to the ground. Sonu then repeatedly struck Pastor Vin to the point of death. Sonu was subsequently apprehended. His father and brother were also charged for taking part in the murder.

Pastor Vin is survived by his wife and 11-year-old daughter. He was well respected in the community and was a dedicated pastor as well as a registered medical practitioner.

Pastor Vin’s wife, Sunita, believes that he was killed for sharing his faith with Sonu. Despite her loss, Sunita is determined to continue the ministry work of her late husband. “I have resolved to carry on the work my husband was doing and I want to live his dream,” she added. “Vin became a martyr for his faith and I too will die for my faith.”

Pray for Sunita and her daughter, that they will receive the much-needed comfort, encouragement and strength. Pray that the Lord will provide for all their physical and emotional needs.

Pray that God will empower and anoint Sunita as she faithfully and courageously takes over her late husband’s ministry work. Pray that the ministry will flourish and many people will be blessed and receive salvation.

Pray that Sonu and his accomplices will respond to the gospel message, repent of their sins and surrender their lives to Christ.  


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

India : Pray for Pastor Jeeva and his pregnant wife

Pastor Jeeva and his pregnant wife was attacked by local villagers on 13th June this year in an attempt to shut down the Omega Church in Salem district where Pastor Jeeva is in charge of worship.  About 30 Christians regularly attend service in Omega Church which meets in a makeshift hall.

The men confronted Pastor Jeeva after Sunday worship and beat him up. When his pregnant wife tried to stop the attack, the men pushed her aside and beat her legs with a wooden stick. The Christian couple have previously been threatened by locals who wanted to close down the church and remove any trace of Christianity in the village.

Pray that Pastor Jeeva and his pregnant wife will be healed from the trauma of the attack. Pray that they will be strong, and their hearts will not be troubled or afraid. Pray that they will receive wisdom and guidance from the Lord to manage the challenges they are facing.

Pray that God will bless Pastor Jeeva and the Omega Church with fruitfulness and growth.


(Source : ICC, Photo : Internet)

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