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Pakistan – Christian Couple Previously on Death Row Receives Asylum

Shagufta and Shafqat were accused of sending insulting text messages via a phone registered under Shagufta’s name. They were arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Click on this link to read more:

In 2021 they were acquitted of all charges and released from prison. According to International Christian Concern (“ICC”) news, the couple have since left Pakistan and arrived safely in Europe, where they received asylum, and reunited with their children.

We wish to thank all those who have prayed for them.

Please continue to pray that they will be able to adapt to their new environment. Pray that God will bring new friends into their lives who will support, and encourage them. Pray for divine provision for all their needs.

Pray that they will find complete healing and restoration in the Lord.


(Source : ICC, Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Pray for the Church in Afghanistan

The future of Afghanistan’s Christian population, a minority in this nation, grows more uncertain as the chaos and internal conflict continues. Many church leaders and their families have had to flee their homes and go into hiding as persecution escalates and intensifies in the ensuing crisis. Some leaders have already received death threats and thugs are hunting them down.

There are also many overseas workers living in the capital and are unable to leave the country because commercial flights have been cancelled.

Pray for divine protection over all the pastors, ministry leaders, church members and their respective families. Pray that they will be safe and hidden from thugs who are opposed to the gospel. Pray that God will cover them with His feathers and shelter them with His wings (Ps 91:4a).

Pray that those who have been physically separated during the chaos will be reunited and all foreign workers will be evacuated safely out of the country. Pray also that all sensitive and Christian materials will be destroyed or remain hidden from sight and will not be used as evidence to persecute believers.  

Pray that God will comfort and strengthen believers, and fill them with His peace that surpasses all understanding. Pray that they will be strong and courageous knowing that God is with them wherever they go (Josh 1:9). Pray for an immense anointing of grace, power, wisdom and discernment as they navigate the challenges ahead of them.

We declare Psalm 91 over believers in Afghanistan.


(Photo : Internet)

#Persecuted Church

China – Street Preacher Released from Residential Surveillance

Street preacher, Chen was arrested on 19th June and held under designated residential surveillance for 20 days. During this time, he was questioned and officials attempted to persuade him to stop preaching the gospel in the streets. For the past 2 decades, Chen had travelled many times to other regions throughout China to preach the gospel.

Praise God that Chen has since been released in early July.

We thank God for his faithfulness to the gospel throughout the years. We pray that God will protect him and use him mightily as a witness for Christ. Pray that the gospel message will continue to spread and transform lives for the better. Pray that those who hear the gospel will believe and receive salvation and eternal life.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

India – Pastor Forced to Flee

Pastor Sanjay, his wife and children, and several members of their church in Shyampur, Uttarakhand, were taken into custody on 13th June because of a complaint that they were violating COVID-19 protocols.

However, instead of being questioned about the alleged breach of COVID-19 protocols, he was interrogated about the ministry of his church and accused of converting others to the Christian faith by giving financial incentives to them. He was also beaten, whipped with a belt and had insults hurled at him.

The detained believers were eventually released. Pastor Sanjay was asked to move out of the village upon his release. His landlord asked him to vacate the home he and his family had been living in and no one else in the village was willing to rent any accommodations to them. So, Pastor Sanjay and his family had to leave the village and move to an undisclosed location for their safety.

Church members continue to face ongoing opposition and pressure to abandon their Christian faith and to stop attending fellowship.

Please uphold Pastor Sanjay and his family in prayer. Pray that as they adjust and settle into their new home in a new location, they will experience a time of healing and spiritual refreshment. Pray that they will find divine guidance and direction for future ministry opportunities.  

Pray for the church in Shyampur, that they will find the courage and strength to stand firm in their faith.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Pakistan – Christian Medical Worker Forced to Decline Promotion

Riaz, a Christian, has been working at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in Karachi for the past 6 years. After he was promoted to the position of deputy director on 8th April, he started receiving death threats from his colleagues who refused to work under the leadership of a Christian.

Because of the persistent pressure from fellow staff members, Riaz officially withdrew from the position on 16th June. But that did not appease his opponents who now wanted him removed completely from the hospital.

On 23rd June, two doctors and their aides entered Riaz’s office and began breaking furniture and manhandling Riaz. Three officers present at the scene did not intervene but merely looked on while the abusers continued to attack him.

Finally, hospital security staff intervened and removed the assailants from the office. The aggressors then turned on the director of the hospital, who was thankfully able to lock his door in time. From outside the current director’s office, the aggravated doctors continued to demand that Riaz’s employment be terminated immediately.

While police reports have been filed, no arrests have been made. Riaz continues to face harassment and threats. Speaking of his co-workers, he says, “It seems that the entire staff had turned against me and were protecting the attackers.”

Please pray for the protection of Riaz, his family, and other Christian staff members at the medical centre who are at risk.

Pray that the rest of the staff will not condone such discrimination of fellow workers but will speak up for the importance of fairness and respect for one another in the work place.

As Riaz continues to demonstrate the love of Jesus to all who cross his path, pray that that Lord will soften the hearts of his opposing co-workers, leading them to accept Riaz as a valued colleague and work alongside him in harmony.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

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