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Pakistan – Christian Parents Detained and Charged for Being Irreverent

Shaukat Masih and his wife, Kiran, live in Lahore, Pakistan, with their three children aged thirteen, nine and seven.

Shaukat was at work while his wife was at a neighbour’s house when another neighbor spotted pages from a holy book on the street near the Christian couple’s house. Upon investigation, a bag containing more pages from this book was discovered on the rooftop tucked behind a water tank. The neighbour threatened to physically harm the Christian family and also incited others to do the same.

The Christian couple was subsequently detained by the police even though there is no evidence that they committed a deliberate act of desecration. According to Kiran, the bag of paper was given to her by an employer to sell to a scrap vendor.

As no other family members were available to help, the couple’s three school-aged children had to temporarily stay with another Christian family in the area. The eldest suffers from rickets, the nine-year-old is mentally handicapped and the youngest misses her detained parents.

Pray that all charges against Shaukat and Kiran will be dropped. Pray that they will be released early and be reunited with their children. Pray that the Lord will protect and provide for this family. Pray that the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard their hearts and minds in Christ (Phil 4:7).  


(Source & Photo: VOMC)

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Nepal – Attack on Christians Broadcast on Social Media

Shiva and Kamleshor are leaders of a group of 20 Christians who have been meeting for fellowship in a Maithili-speaking region of Nepal.

On 24th June 2023, a group of more than 40 thugs surrounded the home where the Christians were meeting. The thugs threatened and mocked the believers and live-streamed the abuse on social media for 3 hours.

The believers were discouraged by this incident but thankful that the Body of Christ remembered them in prayer. Despite the threats, the church continues to meet regularly.

Front-line workers recently distributed audio Bibles in the Maithili language to these believers to encourage the church as most of them are illiterate.

Pray that these faithful believers will remain firm in their faith. Pray that they will continue to grow in their knowledge and maturity in Christ and be powerful witnesses for Christ wherever they go.  


(Source & Photo: VOM)

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Indonesia – Worshippers Threatened with Death

Members of the Bethel Indonesia Church meet for worship in various homes in Jalan Banuaran, a village located in Padang, Indonesia.

On 29th August, as believers were worshiping God in the home of Juni, a hostile woman from the community, Liza, broke the windows of the house and demanded that the believers stop worshipping.

Shortly afterwards, Liza’s husband came to Juni’s house, along with two of his brothers who were armed with a machete and a wooden club. The men threatened to kill the Christians if they refused to stop their worship meeting.

The believers prayed while Pastor Hiatani tried in vain to calmly diffuse the situation by explaining that the landlord of the property and the head of their Indonesian community are aware of the church’s activities.

Liza, a relative of the owner of the house church and who lives in the back of a nearby house, was subsequently detained by the police who referred to this incident as a “misunderstanding”.

Pray that there will be a peaceful resolution of this situation. Pray that the believers can continue worshipping the Lord in that house church without any fear of harm. Pray that God will work mightily in the hearts and minds of the opposing community members, as well as the authorities involved in this case, so that harmonious relationships can be built between the church and the landlord’s family and neighbours.  


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Pakistan – Pastor Shot in Jaranwala

On 16th August 2023, protests in the Christian colony of Jaranwala resulted in damages to hundreds of homes and over 20 churches. Click here for more on this incident :

Although the riots have been quelled, tensions persist and anti-Christian sentiments remain. On 28th August, some religious slogans were painted on the wall of the Myong-Sang Naserth Church building in Jaranwala which happened to be one of the many churches that were attacked during the riots on 16th August. The slogans included a curse against Pastor Eleazar, who serves as the pastor of the Myong-Sang Naserth Church.

The vandalism was reported to the police and the writings have since been painted over. However, a few days later, a group of thugs intercepted Pastor Eleazar and threatened to kill him because he had removed the writings on the wall of the church.

On 3rd September, two unidentified men stopped Pastor Eleazar, whilst he was on his way home, and shot him in the chest. The men were angered by the pastor reciting the Apostle’s Creed.

Pastor Eleazar was taken to hospital where doctors were able to remove the bullet. He is now out of danger and recovering well after surgery. This incident has led to renewed concerns regarding the safety of Christians in this area even though police guards have been deployed to protect churches.

Pray for complete healing for Pastor Eleazar. Pray that he and his family members will feel  God’s tangible and comforting presence throughout his recovery and be strengthened. Pray that the Lord will protect believers in this nation.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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China – New Law Tightens Grip on Churches

New religious restrictions took effect on 1st September 2023 which requires all religious activities to be carried out only in official venues and religious symbols must not be displayed outdoors.

In recent years, more than 1,500 crosses have been torn down from officially recognized churches in the Zhejiang province alone.

The new regulations also put further restrictions on the preaching taking place in government-approved churches. Any clergy members who refuse to comply will face disqualification from preaching.

Pray for the church in China. Pray that believers will be endowed with wisdom and discernment as they seek to share the gospel message.

Pray that our Chinese brothers and sisters-in-Christ who currently remain in prison for their faith will be renewed and strengthened in their spirit during this difficult and challenging time. Pray that they will continue to shine for Jesus and minister to others around them.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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