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Malaysia – Court Investigates Disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh

On 13th February 2017, a group of men on motorbikes and in SUVs abducted Pastor Raymond Koh in broad daylight.

His wife, Susanna, and their children have not heard from him since then although she continued to seek information from the police and Malaysia’s justice system.

She filed a legal case requesting new inquiries into her husband’s disappearance, which she believes was connected to a 2011 confrontation with the police.

The judge hearing the case visited the scene of the abduction on the 6th and 7th of November to learn more about the situation.

Pray this investigation will reveal the truth of what happened on that fateful day. Pray that justice will be done for Pastor Raymond Koh and that developments will bring fresh encouragement to Susanna and the Koh family.


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Nepal – Please pray for Bindu and her 3 children

Five years ago, Bindu and her three children put their faith in Christ. They were the first to become Christians in their village.

Bindu’s husband, Hari, who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, actively tried to stop his wife and children from going to church.

On Christmas day in 2021, while Bindu and her children were preparing to attend a Christmas celebration, Hari beat them up and chased them out of the home. The beating resulted in one of his daughters losing consciousness.

Despite the abuse they suffered, Bindu and her children returned home and the persecution continued. Eventually, Hari left the village after trying many times to open a case to divorce Bindu.

Since then Hari has been out of contact and did not support his family financially. However, Bindu and her children continue to attend church and share their faith boldly.

Pray that the Lord will provide for Bindu and her children. Pray that they will grow in their faith and many more villagers from their village will come to know and believe in this great and almighty God.


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India – Positive Court Ruling on State Anti-Conversion Law

In January 2023, Pastor Jose and his wife, Sheeja, were sent to jail after a leader of the BJP party accused the couple of luring people to Christianity. Although the 2 believers appealed against the decision, their application for bail was denied in March 2023.

Fortunately, following a ruling issued by the High Court on 6th September, the 2 Christians were released on bail. The court ruled that “accusations of alluring people to convert” can only be filed by the person being targeted or by a family member of that person and not by a 3rd party, as was done in the case of Pastor Jose and Sheeja.

The court also determined that providing teaching, distributing a Holy Bible, encouraging children to receive an education, organizing an assembly of villagers and performing bhandara (providing a free meal), instructing villagers not to enter into an altercation or take alcohol do not amount top an allurement under the 2021 act.

This High Court ruling has brought encouraging news to Christians in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh as Christians in this region have frequently been targets of false accusations by vindictive neighbours and community members.

We thank and praise God for the wisdom demonstrated by the High Court Ruling.

Pray that this ruling will help to prevent other similar cases from being filed against our Christian brothers and sisters not just in Uttar Pradesh but in other states throughout India.

Pray that the Lord will protect Pastor Jose and Sheeja as they return to their community and adjust to life after this ordeal.


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Laos – Pray for BoonTaWong

BoonTaWong came to faith in Christ because he wanted a changed life, like what he saw in other Christians.

That decision to follow Jesus came to the attention of a village leader in his community who began to threaten and harass BoonTaWong. The leader demanded BoonTaWong to recant his faith in Christ and blamed his Christian faith for causing the death of BoonTaWong’s wife and the impoverishment of most Lao Christians.

BoonTaWong said, “I believe God for reasons other than to be wealthy. I received salvation and eternal life and that is enough for me.”

Pray that the Lord will strengthen BoonTaWong and other Lao believers who are facing similar harassments because of their faith. Pray that they will remain firm in their faith and because of their testimony, many people in their community will come to faith in Christ.

Laos – Pray for Sister La

La and her husband became Christians while they were seeking a cure for his illness. Though he died three months later, they remained faithful due to the love and care they received from their brothers and sisters in Christ.

In 2020, La’s daughter married a non-believer and her son-in-law moved into her house. He practiced animism, made offerings to spirits and tried to force his mother-in-law to do the same.

He threw away La’s Bible and tried to keep her from practicing her Christian faith. In June, La’s daughter and son-in-law threatened to kick her out of the house if she continued to follow Christ.

However, La continued to listen to Christian radio and receive encouragement from the church. She has asked for prayer for her current situation. “No matter what will happen to me, I will not leave God,” she said. “I have hope that one day I could meet my husband again in the kingdom of God, and I will meet my God, too.”

Pray that the Lord will strengthen and encourage sister La as she has chosen to remain steadfast in her faith. Pray that the Lord will soften the hearts of her daughter and son-in-law and they will be gracious towards sister La. Pray that they will come to faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo: VOM)

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