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Churches Ordered To Close

The 2nd largest church in Algeria, Spring Life Church in Makouda, with about 700 members was ordered in October 2019 to close, along with 2 other churches.

According to an ordinance enacted in 2006 permission must be obtained before using a building for Christian worship. But when churches fail to receive any response to their application for permission, it became common practice to rent a building first and later inform that it is being used as a place of Christian worship. Since November 2017, several churches have been forced to close, including the Full Gospel of Tizi-Ouzou church which is the largest Protestant church in Algeria.

Pray for the church leaders represented by Algeria’s various denominational groups as they seek to wisely address these mounting challenges and determine how to carry on with the work of the Gospel. Pray that God will make a way for the churches to continue with ministry.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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When Will It Stop?

Crosses from 2 church buildings in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, were removed on July 7th. More than 100 security personnel arrived at the Aodi Christian Church and the Yinchang Christian Church at 5am with cranes. After breaking the locks, they began removing crosses from the churches’ steeples.

When church members tried to stop them, the members were beaten and a man in his 80s was pushed to the ground. As the crosses at both churches were demolished, Christians sang hymns and prayed outside.

On Aug 11th this year, a Christian man, Zhang Wenli, received a hefty fine for conducting a Bible study online. It has been reported that books, photo albums, newspapers and literature printed by churches are being inspected and regulated.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in China – that they will have the wisdom and discernment to deal with the many unexpected challenges. Pray that they will still be able to receive the necessary spiritual feeding and fellowship despite the restrictions. Pray that the church in China will continue to flourish and be a blessing to others.


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Woman Burned for Refusing to Abandon her Christian Faith

On May 5th, 49-year old Dinh was offered help during the coronavirus pandemic if she signed a statement giving up her faith in Christ. When she refused to sign the document, they grabbed a kettle of boiling water from her kitchen and poured it all over her legs. Dinh was taken to hospital but she could not afford to pay for treatment and she did not have any health insurance. Voice of the Martyrs was able to provide assistance and Dinh is grateful for their help.

Pray for Dinh – that she will find strength to endure the challenges and still stand firm in her faith in Christ. Pray for divine providence for her daily needs.

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“I do not care for lands or houses, as long as I can keep my faith.”

This is what new believer, Jai, told his Hmong family when they disinherited him, and accused him of taking a foreign religion and disrespecting their tradition of ancestor worship. They told him he would have no share in their father’s inheritance and they divided the property among themselves.

Jai received salvation in Christ in December 2019, yet he recognised the value of his inheritance in Christ as far more valuable than any earthly possession. In February 2020, when Jai built a new house, his family and a village leader began threatening him.

Longing for a reconciliation with his family, Jai invited a pastor to the village to explain the Christian faith them. They listened to what the pastor had to say but still insisted that as long as Jai remains a Christian there will always be problems.

Pray that God will anoint Jai and this pastor with wisdom to resolve the matter.

Pray for Jai’s family and those opposing the gospel – that God will remove their heart of stone and put in them a heart of flesh that will recognise and acknowledge our sovereign God and His goodness.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Nepal – Pastor Released on Bail

We praise the Lord that Pastor Keshav Raj Acharya was finally released on bail in late June after spending 3 months in a remote prison renowned for its harsh conditions.

He was first accused of uploading a video on YouTube alleging that God can heal COVID-19 through prayer. Despite denying that he uploaded the video, Pastor Keshav was arrested after being asked to pray for a woman who had contracted the virus. He was charged with spreading false information and misleading his followers. He was subsequently re-arrested on 2 other occasions and charged with “outraging religious feelings” and “attempting to convert”, and printing and distributing Gospel tracts.

In late June, his case was reviewed and bail set at $3,300 CAD. Five days later, Pastor Keshav was finally released and reunited with his wife, Junu, and their 2 young children. However, during this time, because the church was unable to pay the rent for the facility they were occupying, they had to vacate the building.

Pray that all charges against Pastor Keshav will be dropped, and he will remain free to raise his young children in the ways of the Lord and continue ministering to others. Pray for wisdom and divine opportunities for this couple to share the gospel. Pray that God will bless the work of their hands and multiply the fruit of their labour.

Pray that God will provide these believers with a suitable place to gather for worship.

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(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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