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Nepal – Continue to pray for Pastor who has been released on bail pending appeal

Pastor Keshav was initially arrested, and later released, because of a video, which was released without his knowledge, in which he claimed that the COVID-19 virus could be healed through prayer. He was re-arrested in November 2021 and convicted for proselytization, and sentenced to 2 years in prison.

His lawyers argued that the proper legal process was not followed. So, on 19th December 2021, Pastor Keshav was granted bail pending the appeal against his conviction and imprisonment. As a result, he was able to go home on Christmas Eve. Click here to read more about this case:

Thank you for praying for Pastor Keshav. We praise God that he has been released on bail in the interim and was able to be with his family during Christmas. Continue to pray that his appeal will be successful. Pray that all charges against him will be dropped and his conviction will be overturned.

Pray that Pastor Keshav will remain in God’s perfect peace during this difficult time of waiting.


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India – Pray for a pastor and his wife who were jailed on false charges of forced conversion

On 3 October 2021, a group of people barged into Pastor Arjun’s church building. They threatened him and chased members of his congregation away. The police were called in to intervene. However, during the fracas, the pastor and his wife were physically beaten. They were subsequently detained and charged on the allegation of forcefully converting others to Christianity.

Pray that justice will prevail in this case and that all charges against Pastor Arjun and his wife will be dropped. Pray that their faith and their testimony will inspire others to seek God and come to salvation.


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#Persecuted Church

Laos – Believers Could be Nailed on Hands and Feet if They Gather for Worship

In October 2021, Christians in six villages in Laos were told they are not allowed to share about Jesus Christ and that children below the age of 17 are not allowed to believe in Jesus.

Pictures of every known believer in each village were taken, their homes examined and any crosses hanging on the walls of their home were removed. The Christians were warned not to gather for worship or even gather in groups of more than five people. If not, they could be “nailed on their hands and feet” or shot to death.

14-year old Kanoa, from one of the six villages, was detained and threatened with imprisonment if he continued to go to church and worship Jesus.

Pray for Kanoa and other Christian villagers – that they will not be fearful and they will remain firm in their faith. Pray that they will be able to find alternative ways to worship the Lord and to fellowship with one another. Pray that God will protect them and anoint them with courage and boldness as they continue to follow Christ and do the work of ministry.

Pray that other villagers will hear the gospel and be touched and inspired by the testimonies and faithfulness of these persecuted believers, and they will also believe in the Lord and receive salvation.


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#Persecuted Church

Pray for India

On 6th December 2021, hundreds of people gathered at St. Joseph School in Ganj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh, to protest the alleged religious conversion of 8 students. The rioting mob vandalized nearby vehicles and the building where the students were busy doing their schoolwork. The crowd also throw stones near the classroom where grade 12 students were taking exams forcing them to stop and move to safety.

The protest was instigated by a video footage on YouTube showing the baptism of eight children. Although these eight children all came from Catholic homes and they did not attend the St. Joseph School where the protest was carried out. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and about 5 of the rioters were charged with vandalism.

Pray that believers and Christian leaders will be granted wisdom and guidance from the Lord whenever they face allegations or threats from people or groups that oppose the sharing of the gospel.

Pray that those who are opposed to the gospel will, through the Lord’s abounding love, grace and mercy and through the testimonies of believers, come to salvation in Christ.


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Sri Lanka – Christians Beaten After a Prayer Meeting

In November 2021, the pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle Church in Polgolla, Sri Lanka, and another member of his congregation visited a Christian family for a time of prayer. As they were concluding their prayer meeting, a crowd gathered outside the house and made it known that the pastor is not welcome there.

The crowd also surrounded a home across the street which belonged to another member of the pastor’s church.  They shouted at the resident and demanded to know why she goes to church. When the pastor and other Christians tried to intervene on the resident’s behalf, the mob beat them up resulting in one of the believers sustaining cuts on the body.

We thank and praise God that no one was seriously injured in this attack.

Pray that each persecuted believer’s testimony and how they handle the challenges they face will be a shining testimony of the light of Christ’s love to all those around them. And through their testimonies, many will believe in the Lord and receive salvation.

Pray that this pastor and members of his church will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and endowered with wisdom, strength and courage as they continue to share the gospel and minister to the needy in the midst of a hostile environment.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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