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Gunned down in Punjab State

On October 23rd, during a special prayer service, thugs entered the Pentecostal Church in Amritsar and opened fire at the congregation. A 35-year old Christian man, Prince Atwal, was shot dead and three others wounded. Atwal was shot in the head and chest. The church was previously attacked by gang members who accused them of forced conversions.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in India who are facing an increasing intensity of animosity towards Christians. Pray for strength, courage and wisdom to face the challenges and remain firm in their faith in Christ.


(Source : ICC, Photo Credit : Internet)

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Toddler Taken Away from Adoptive Parents

Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi, adopted 3-month old Lydia from a local orphanage. Lydia had a heart defect and digestive problems. Six months after the adoption, Sam and Maryam were among eight Christians who were arrested in July 2019 for their faith in Christ. Sam was charged with “propaganda against the regime” and sentenced to one year in prison whilst Maryam was barred from working as a nurse in government-run hospitals.

Eighteen months later, the Court declared that Lydia was not eligible for adoption by the Christian couple since she was born by parents of another faith. Her heartbroken parents appealed, but in September 2020, the court’s earlier decision was upheld.

Pray for a divine intervention in this situation such that the couple will be allowed to keep their child.  Pray that the convictions against Sam and Maryam will be overturned and the family will be reunited. Pray that God will continue watching over little Lydia and ensure that she gets the best care possible.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Laos – Threatened with bomb and fire but still determined to follow Jesus

A Bru community in rural Laos was so determined to drive out a group of Christian families that they resorted to drastic measures to scare them out of the village or to scare them to renounce their faith in Christ.

Persecution of 3 Christian families began in 2018 when villagers, resistant to the Christian faith, killed the families’ livestock and crops. These villagers even planted a bomb in the families’ cooking fire, hoping to scare or injure them. The Christian families are also banned from using the village well to collect water. However, these believers resolved to stay in the village as a testimony of God’s power, so they requested that Voice of the Martyrs help drill a well for them.

Pray that the firm bravery of these families will cause many in their village to turn to God. Pray that whatever these families lost through persecution, God will give them much more than they lost.  


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Pakistan – 13-year old is the latest victim of forced conversion and marriage

On October 13th, 13-year old Christian girl, Arzoo Masih, was abducted while she was playing outside her home in Karachi, Pakistan. Both her parents were at work at the time. Two days later, Arzoo’s parents were presented with marriage and conversion documents stating that Arzoo was 18 years old and she consented to the marriage. Such forced conversions can be seen as a form of persecution of Christians and minorities in Pakistan.

Please pray for young Arzoo’s mental and emotional state whilst she remains held against her will. Pray that she will draw strength and courage from the Lord to face daily challenges and she will be comforted by the knowledge that God is with her and will never leave or forsake her.  Pray that the Lord will intervene in her case and cause justice to prevail.


(Source : ICC, Photo Credit : Internet)

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Acquitted After More Than Six Years in Prison

Sawan Masih was arrested in 2013 after a neighbour accused him of calling someone a false prophet during a conversation.

Although Sawan denied the accusation, he was imprisoned for more than 6 years and sentenced to death. However, on October 5th, he was finally acquitted by the High Court.

We thank and praise God for this good news.

Pray that Sawan will be released soon and reunited with his wife, Sobia, and their 3 children. Pray for divine protection over Sawan and his family against any negative repercussions even after Sawan’s release.

Pray for other Christians who are facing similar accusations or challenges because of their faith in Christ. Pray that justice will prevail in such situations and those who are false accused will be exonerated.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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