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Bhutan – Bible for New Believer Transforms Family

Twenty-seven year old Pema Ongmo was raised in an animist family. She had never heard about Christ until a friend shared the gospel with her and invited her to church.

Even though her father, a village leader, forbade her to read the Bible a pastor had given to her, she read it secretly and began to follow Christ.

When Pema’s mother became ill and did not recover despite her father spending all the family’s resources looking for a cure, Pema told her father that the Jesus she read about in the Bible healed many people. Her father agreed to let his wife go to church where she was healed and the whole family eventually placed their trust in Christ.

“Thank you for the wonderful Bible you freely gave us,” Pema said. “I thank you and the Lord to bless you richly!”

Pray that Pema and her family will continue to grow in their faith and maturity in Christ. Pray that they will be His witnesses and many of their friends and neighbours will believe in the Lord and follow Him.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Indonesia – Access to Church Building Blocked

Gaining permission to build a church building in Indonesia has proven onerous for many followers of Jesus. However, the Indonesian Pentecostal Church in Sungai Barar, located on the island of Sumatra, had successfully obtained such approval.

But after the church completed the construction of the new building, with all necessary permits, the congregation now face a new challenge. Surrounding landowners and local community members have built a wall across the road that blocked the only passable road to the building. This prevented the congregants from gathering in the church.

Alternate roads were impassable due to large holes and other obstructions. The church is imploring the local government to help the congregation resolve the issue.

Pray that the authorities will be open and willing to assist this congregation in finding an amicable resolution to the dispute relating to the wall built by opposing neighbours. Pray that this challenging situation will serve as an opportunity for church members to demonstrate the love, grace and peace of God to their opposers. And as a result, many people, including those who are opposing the church, will believe in the Lord and receive salvation.
(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Kyrgyzstan – Christians Fined for conducting “Missionary Activities”

On 26th March this year, the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Talas was raided by the authorities. During the raid, the congregants were not allowed to leave the building until two nuns signed a confession stating that they were “spreading their ideology” and is therefore guilty of “illegal missionary activities”. The two nuns each received a fine equivalent to an average of two weeks’ wages.

Around the same time, a Protestant church was raided and two believers, who were foreigners, were issued fines.

The Catholic Church’s appeal against the sentence was unsuccessful. And the church has been warned that any further “violations” could result in the liquidation of the organisation’s administration.

Pray that the opposition against both churches will cease and believers can continue to worship God and practice their faith. Pray that church leaders will seek the Lord and receive wisdom and guidance to handle such situations. Pray that God will provide the funds needed to pay the fines levied against these four believers.


(Source & Photo: VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Pakistan – Church Attacked During Prayer Service

On 3rd August, a group of angry men from the neighbourhood rudely interrupted a prayer service at the Lala Zarr Church in Peshawar.

The men demanded the volume of the sound system to be reduced. Shortly afterwards, several other armed men stormed into the church building and fired several shots inside the building.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but the building was damaged. The church was then vandalized and Pastor Zulfiqar was dragged outside and assaulted with the butt of their guns. Pastor Zulfiqar suffered injuries to his head and one of his eyes.

Pray for divine protection for congregants of Lala Zarr Church and their family members. Pray that God will supply the resources and materials needed to repair and replace damaged items in the church. Pray that those responsible for the attack will come to faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

China – Church Leaders’ Trial Set For 21st August

Twelve church leaders from the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, Shanxi, including Pastor Wang Xiaoguang and his wife, Yang Rongli, were arrested in August 2021. They were accused of fraud because the church collected money in the form of tithes and offerings.

Church members were coerced to turn against the pastor and his wife in exchange for being released on bail. Some of the members refused whilst others agreed but later refused. A few succumbed to the mounting pressure and chose to cooperate with the authorities.

Those who were released on bail will be represented by lawyers appointed by the government whilst those who refused to cooperate have remained in prison for the past two years awaiting trial.

A hearing for this case has been scheduled on 21 August.

Prior to this situation, Pastor Wang and Yang were previously arrested and imprisoned for four  and seven years respectively. They were accused of “gathering a mob to disturb public order” when in actual fact they were just organizing a prayer rally.

Pray for a favourable outcome for these imprisoned believers in the upcoming trial. Pray that God will strengthen and comfort them during this difficult time. Pray that they will sense the Lord’s presence and His shalom peace enveloping and protecting them. Pray also that church members will remain firm in their faith.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

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