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Pakistan – Protests Threaten Christians Across the Country

Please pray for Pakistan.

Protests have swept across Pakistan after the 28 June incident in Sweden where pages from a holy book was publicly burned.

During the government’s rallies in protest against the incident, angry protestors desecrated crosses and insulted Christianity.

Christians across the nation are bracing for attacks. Believers living in and near Sargodha have not been able to leave their homes because of dangerous protests and Christian street sweepers in Hasilpur have been pulled from their duty.

Pray for divine protection for believers during this difficult time such that no innocent person will be harmed. Pray for restoration of peace and stability across the country.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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China – Pray for Pastor-in-training for Ministry to Restricted Minority Group

An underground church in China has been discipling a family from a highly restricted people group in a sensitive location.

This family is part of a small fellowship of Christians who have suffered rejection and persecution from their community because of their faith.

Leaders of the church are training the father of this family to evangelize and pastor his people.

Pray that the Lord who does not slumber or sleep will watch over this family to ensure that no harm will come to them (Ps 121).  Pray that the community this family is ministering to will have open and receptive hearts. Pray that this pastor-in-training will grow in his faith and maturity in Christ to lead the church according to the qualifications for elders in 1 Tim 3.


(Source: VOM, Photo: Internet)

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Bangladesh – Teen Finds Hope and a Future in Christ

For many generations, 15-year-old Shebona and her family lived and worked on tea plantations. They did not have any dreams or aspirations because they expect to just continue living the same life as their parents and grandparents.

Then Shebona met a Christian girl who worked on the plantation. This girl was different from the others who worked at the plantation – she was more joyful.

This girl shared some literature with Shebona and connected her to two font-line workers who subsequently led Shebona to Christ. Initially, Shebona experienced some pressure from her family when she told them about her newfound faith. But over time, she won over her older siblings to Christ and now her parents are also open to the gospel.

Shebona hopes to attend discipleship training so that she can greatly impact her nation.

Pray for Shebona and her family – that they will grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus. Pray that many people will be drawn to Christ through the testimonies of this family. Pray that the Lord will bless them and provide for their every need.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

North Korea – Camp Ministers to Young North Korean Defectors

For many North Korean defectors who successfully reach South Korea, adjusting to life outside the strict control of the North Korean regime can be difficult and overwhelming.

According to one North Korean Christian brother who is ministering to defectors, such difficulties led many defectors to succumb to hopelessness and materialism.

In May, this brother helped host a camp in central South Korea for the children of North Korean defectors to help them find meaning and purpose through the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will bless all ongoing outreaches to this new generation. Pray that they will learn the value of freedom in Christ.


(Source: VOM, Photo: Internet)

#Persecuted Church

China – Christians Arrested for Alleged Illegal Business Activities

Four Christians from the Shingjia Church in Shunde City were arrested on suspicion of conducting “illegal business practices”. The accused believers include Pastor Deng and three co-workers.

The church’s education centre was raided by police officers on 24th May 2023. During the raid, all education materials, including computers, desks, chairs and books, were confiscated. The premises were sealed and the four Christians were taken into custody.

Pray that these detained Christians will be released from custody and not subjected to further legal problems. Pray that God will comfort and minister to the families of these believers during this challenging time of separation. Pray for ongoing ministries throughout China. Pray that the Lord will bless and multiply the efforts of believers so that the message of the gospel will continue to spread and transform lives for the better.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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