3-yr old Girl Dies From Machete Cuts To The Head In Early Morning Attack

CSW reported that 10 people, including 3-yr old Elizabeth Samaila, were killed in an early morning attack in the Tudun Agwalla community in Kajuru, Kaduna state, which is a Christian community in the North West of Nigeria. All 10 were hacked to death by extremists wielding machetes.

Attacks against Christians did not stop despite the lockdown on March 25th due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, a total of about 620 Christians have been killed by extremists in the first 5 months of this year according to a CBN News report.

Please pray for our brethren in Nigeria who are living in uncertainty and constant fear of unprovoked attacks.

Pray that they will draw strength from the Lord and be empowered through intimacy with God (Eph 6:10), and even though they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, they will fear no evil because they know God is with them and His rod and staff will comfort and console (Ps 23:4) (AMP).

Pray that the gospel message will continue to spread and touch many lives in Nigeria. Pray that the truths of the gospel will set people free to love and accept others just as Jesus loved and accepted us.


(Source & Photo Credit : CBN News)

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17 Killed After Extremists Attack Christian Village in Nigeria

Please pray for our brethren in Nigeria as extremists continue their killing spree in North and Central Nigeria.

17 people, including a married couple and their 3 children perished In a midnight raid on the Christian village of Gonan Rogo, near MakyalI, in Kaduna State, 17 people, including a married couple and their 3 children, perished.

Villagers were asleep when extremists set upon them with guns and knives. 7 children were among the dead. 6 people were injured, including a baby whose skull was penetrated by a bullet that killed her mother.

Pray that God will heal the injured and comfort those who are mourning. Pray that villagers will emerge from this ordeal with a stronger faith in the Lord.

Pray that God will give the authorities wisdom and the firm resolve to handle the situation.

Pray that those who are persecuting Christians will themselves will come to repentance and find salvation in the Lord.


(Source & Photo Credit : RI)

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Nigeria – Nine Killed including 4 children

On 14th April this year, militants killed 9 people, including 4 children, in a predominantly Christian village of Hura, in Plateau state.

Survivors said the militants surrounded the village at about 7pm, firing weapons and shouting. Twenty-one homes were burnt to the ground and seven others damaged.

After burying the dead the next day, survivors had to walk 10 miles to a neighbouring village for fear of further attacks.

Pray for protection for survivors and neighbouring villages from further attacks. Pray that those who lost family members and friends will find comfort in the Lord.

Pray for divine providence for those who lost their house, belongings and food supplies.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Education Committee Threatens To Fire Christian Teacher

“I cannot stop my faith because it is the way to Heaven,” says Kye. “It is my salvation, so how can I stop?”

Please pray for our Laotian brother, Kye.

Kye had been teaching for at least a year when the Education Committee discovered his conversion to Christianity, and subsequently re-assigned him to a teaching post in an isolated village when he refused to renounce his faith in Christ.

Several people in the village turned to the Lord and started worshipping God together with Kye.  This angered the locals, who told Kye to renounce his faith, stop worshipping in his house and stop sharing his faith.

The Education Committee is now threatening to fire Kye.

We praise God for Kye’s courage and unwavering faith in the Lord.

Please pray that those who are threatening Kye will encounter the Lord and open their heart and mind to the gospel. Pray that Kye’s witness for Christ in the village will cause many to turn from sin, receive forgiveness and salvation in the Lord.

Pray that all of Kye’s needs will be supernaturally provided for as he continue to put his trust and confidence in an Almighty and Faithful God.


(Source & Photo Credits : VOM)

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India – Christian Families Threatened For Weeks

16 families from a church in Jharkland state were terrorized every night by mobs armed with clubs for almost 3 weeks. The thugs threatened to kill the Christian families unless they returned to their ancestral religion.

According to Pastor Sarabjit Bharati of Kirpa Bhavan Salom Church, 2 of the Christian families succumbed to the intimidation and were forced to perform re-conversion rituals and pay hefty fines if they were ever found attending Christian meetings or professing their faith in Christ. The church members also face possible expulsion and boycott.

Please pray that these Christian families will find strength and courage to withstand the threats and remain firm in their faith in Christ.

Pray for the 2 families who yielded to the pressure of their oppressors. Pray that they will receive God’s grace and restoration and return wholeheartedly to Him.

Pray that God will protect the ongoing ministry of this church in the village and surrounding areas so that the Lord’s transformative work will continue to touch many lives, including the perpetrators.
Please share this prayer request.


Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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