Nepal – Pray for Pastor Keshav

Pastor Keshav from the Abundant Harvest Church in Pokhara, Nepal, was initially arrested and detained in March 2020 for allegedly releasing a video claiming that the COVID-19 virus could be healed through prayer. The pastor denies ever uploading the video. Click here for more details on this case :

He was released on bail but re-arrested and charged with “outraging religious feelings” and “attempting to convert”. He was detained in a remote area with restricted access to transportation.

On 21 November 2021, Pastor Keshav was convicted and imprisoned for proselytizing. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and fined 20,000 NPR (SGD $225.85).

Pray that God will intervene in Pastor Keshav’s case such that his sentence will be overturned upon appeal and he will be released from prison. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move mightily in the hearts of those involved in his case such that the truth of the matter will be unveiled and justice will prevail.

Pray that the church and the ministries that Pastor Keshav oversees will remain firm in their faith and carry on with the ministry work. Pray that many in Nepal will have the opportunity to hear the gospel message and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Pakistan – Christian Prisoner Acquitted

Sajjad, a Christian, was accused and charged in 2011 for allegedly sending insulting text messages. He was initially sentenced to life in prison but this sentence was, in March 2021, changed to the death penalty.  Sajjad’s many appeals against his sentence was met with numerous delays.

During his time of imprisonment, Sajad endured torture and ostracism. Even his brother and nephew were attacked and threatened after visiting Sajjad in prison.

We praise God that Sajjad has finally been acquitted of all charges by the High Court in Lahore on the grounds of insufficient evidence. He was released from prison on 13th November.

Pray for Sajjad and his family as they are, for safety reasons, unable to live life as they used to. Pray that they will be able to adjust to a new way of life. Pray that they needs, both emotional and physical, will be divinely provided for.

Pray that God will protect Sajjad and  family and all those involved in his acquittal, from the dangers of mob violence.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Pakistan – Pray for Christian Nurses Released on Bail

Two Christian nurses, Maryam and Navish, were arrested in April this year and charged for desecrating religious hangings on a wall. They were acting on the instructions of their superior, the head nurse. Click here for more details on this case :

We thank God that these two believers have been granted bail in September and released from prison. According to their lawyer, they are staying in a secure location. For safety reasons, they have not been able to return home or return to work.

Pray that Maryam and Navish will be acquitted of all charges against them. Pray for their safety and that of their families, legal representatives and all others involved in their case.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Myanmar – Pray for Church Leader Who is being Hunted Down Because of his Faith

Since the military coup earlier this year, authorities have been searching for local church leader, Maung, with the intention of detaining him for his faithful Christian witness and leadership. Fearing for his life, Maung has been moving from house to house and is unable to support or take care of his wife and their two young children.

Pray for Maung and his congregation, that they remain strong in their faith. Pray that God will provide for the needs of Maung’s family. Pray also for peace and stability in Myanmar.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Pray for the Church in Exile Facing Possible Repatriation

Chinese believers, consisting of 28 adults and 32 children, from the Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church led by Pastor Pan, fled the country in 2019 after enduring years of persecution.  They sought refuge on Jeju Island in South Korea doing menial labour to support themselves.

These asylum seekers’ application for protection have been repeatedly denied and they may be forced to return to China. Voice of the Martyrs Korea has been training and teaching them how to effectively respond to persecution, including imprisonment, forced disappearances and torture.

Pray that these persecuted brethren, who are seeking asylum, will be granted a safe place to raise their children in the ways of Christ, all the while experiencing His bountiful grace, divine provision, protection and peace.

Pray that the Lord mightily intervene within the hearts and minds of the governing leaders involved, moving them to respond with compassion to the plight facing these believers so that the best decision will be made in their favour.

Pray also for organizations advocating on their behalf, that they will receive wisdom and guidance to support and encourage this church group.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

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