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Pray for Pastor Shelton who was Locked in a Room and Left to Die

Pastor Shelton Vishwanathan was punched in the back and told he would be offered as a sacrifice to a deity as punishment. He was also struck several times on the head causing him to lose consciousness. When he awoke, he was in a dark room locked all by himself with no food or water for several days.

The cause of this horrific ordeal was because Pastor Shelton was distributing gospel tracts in Tiryani village, Northeast India, on 5th October. Several thugs attacked him and told him to quit handing out tracts. Pastor Shelton was eventually rescued by an elderly woman living nearby who heard his cries for help.

Pray that God will protect Pastor Shelton, his family and his church as they continue their ministry. Pray that those who received his gospel tract will be ministered to by the message and will receive salvation in Christ.


(Source : ICC, Photo Credit : Internet)

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Pray for Leah

After her mother and sisters died, villagers isolated Leah, a Christian, to the point were she could no longer survive on her own in that village. So, she travelled to a nearby village where the missionary and pastor who led her to Jesus Christ lived. They welcomed her into their village and provided food and temporary housing for her. She is now attending a local church and growing in her faith.

Pray that Leah will continue to grow in her knowledge and maturity in Christ. Pray that God will supply all her needs and provide a permanent housing for her. Pray that she will be empowered and emboldened to share her testimony and the gospel of Christ, and lead many into the Kingdom of God.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Pray for Monthida who was kicked out by her family after becoming a Christian

16-year old Monthida received salvation in Christ after a friend brought her to church. When her mother and stepfather found out that Monthida had become a Christian, her stepfather began to worry that he would lose his job if others discovered that someone in his family was a Christian. So, both her stepfather and mother tried many times to get Monthida to give up her faith, but she would not. Finally, her stepfather told her not to come back home unless she was ready to renounce Christ. Monthida is now living with a pastor and his family.

Please pray that Monthida will not be discouraged but will continue to grow in faith and maturity in Christ. Pray that God will provide for all her needs.

Pray that God will bless this pastor and his family for their kindness and generosity in housing Monthida and taking care of her.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Iran – Imprisoned Christian Requests Prayer For His Son

Ali was arrested and imprisoned for participating in a house church. He is being kept in a separate prison from the other Christians who were arrested at the same time. Ali says he is often insulted by other prisoners because of his faith in Christ.

After his arrest and imprisonment, Ali’s son was expelled from school and lost his scholarship. Worrying about his family has overwhelmed Ali at times but he says he is learning to turn to God and trust that both his and his family’s lives are in God’s hands.

Pray for Ali’s protection in prison. Pray that the God of hope will fill him with all joy and peace as Ali chooses to put his trust in God, and that by the power of the Holy Spirit he will abound in hope and overflow with confidence in His promises (Rom 15:13)(AMP).

Pray for financial providence for Ali’s family and divine guidance as they navigate challenges without their husband and father. Pray that Ali’s son will be accepted into another school soon so that he can continue his studies.   


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Pray for Indonesia – Salvation Army Attack leaves 4 Dead

In November, four Christian staff members of the Salvation Army were killed when a group of thugs attacked its service post in a remote village in Lemban Tongoa in central Sulawesi. Three of the men had their throats slit and one was beheaded. The thugs also set fire to a church and burnt six houses belonging to church members.

Pray for the family of the victims. Pray that they will find comfort in the Lord in their time of grief and loss. Pray that God will heal their broken heart and bind up their wounds (Psalm 147:3).

Pray that the church and the families whose homes we burnt will not be fearful but will remain firm in their faith in Christ. Pray for peace and stability to be restored in this region.


(Source : ICC & BBC, Photo Credit : Internet)

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