China – Christian Couple Finally Married Despite Opposition

Zhang and Xiao, members of the Early Rain Covenant Church, was forced to postpone their wedding scheduled on 21st May because of harassment from local authorities. Read more here :

They rescheduled their wedding to 24th May but was again faced with much opposition trying to secure a venue. And the pastor who was supposed to officiate the wedding and another church elder was prevented from attending the ceremony in person. So, the couple held the wedding ceremony online with only a few church members in attendance. The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Dai remotely.

Although it was a small ceremony and many were unable to join the celebration, it was reported that the entire wedding was filled with God’s presence and grace.

Praise God that Zhang and Xiao were able to wed despite all the obstacles placed in their way. Pray that this newly married Christian couple will experience God’s blessings on their lives and a great understanding of His wonderful love for them throughout the years ahead. May the members of the Early Rain Covenant Church continue standing firm in their faith, relying on the Lord for needed strength, perseverance and guidance in the midst of persecution.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Pakistan – Christian Teen Who Was Abducted and Forced to Marry Her Kidnapper Has Been Rescued

Saba was a Christian teenaged girl living in Faisalabad, Pakistan. She was out walking with her older sister on the morning of 20th May when they were approached by four men, one of whom was their neighbour, Yasir. The four men forced Saba into a rickshaw and fled.

Whilst in captivity, Saba was forced to embrace another faith and forcibly married to her neighbour, Yasir as his fourth wife. Her family reported the incident to the police and because of extensive pressure from the community, Saba was rescued and returned to her home on 29th May. Even though she is now at home, Saba is still suffering from the emotional trauma of the abduction and forced marriage.

It has been reported that at least 1,000 women from poor minority groups are forcibly converted and married each year in Pakistan. It is believed that the number could be higher since many cases go unreported.

Pray for healing for young Saba as she grapples with the horrible shock and trauma of her abduction and the days spent in captivity at the mercy of her kidnappers. Pray that those responsible for the crime will be held accountable and systemic changes will come about resulting in greater equality, protection and justice for all members of Pakistan’s society.

Pray for strength for Saba’s family as they endeavour to help Saba in her recovery whilst at the same time also dealing with their own shock, anger and pain.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Laos – Pray for BounMee

After her husband’s death, BounMee felt she was under a curse. So, she sought the help of Christians to break the curse. She met a local pastor and eventually placed her trust in Christ.

When BounMee’s brother-in-law, Reang, learned of her Christian faith, he asked her to choose between God or her family.  BounMee chose Jesus. Angered by her response, Reang, a leader in the village that BounMee lives in, stole a portion of BounMee’s land, claiming that her husband had, before his death, given him permission  to farm it. Villagers have also stopped talking to BounMee, further isolating her.

Pray that BounMee will be able to feel God’s presence and be encouraged by His Word. Pray that she will be able to receive support from other believers and continue to grow in her faith.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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Mexico – From Drug Peddler to Persecuted Pastor

Filadelfo Santos Perez trafficked drugs before he came to faith in Christ.

Now a pastor, he has been persecuted many times for his Christian faith. He has been arrested for failing to participate in pagan festivals and charged heavy fines.

On one occasion, he was denied food and water for three days. After constant threats, Pastor Filadelfo was driven from his village because of his witness for Christ. He now rents a small room in another town, but he feels called to continue sharing the gospel in his home village despite the opposition.

Pray that Pastor Filadelfo will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be an effective witness for Christ, especially to those who are opposed to the gospel. Pray that whenever he shares the Good News many will believe and receive salvation. Pray that God will supply all Pastor Filadelfo’s needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19).


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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China – Christian Wedding Disrupted by Authorities

The wedding ceremony of Zhang and Xiao, members of the Early Rain Covenant Church, was scheduled on 21st May. But before the wedding took place, church members were detained and questioned regarding their plans to attend the event. Church leaders were detained in their own homes which prevented them from attending the wedding.  And the hotel the couple had booked to host the reception were forced to cancel their reservation.

The day before the wedding, the couple themselves were detained and interrogated by the authorities for four hours. Even after their release, Zhang said he was under continual surveillance. Ultimately, the couple was forced to cancel the event.

Pray that this couple will find encouragement, comfort and strength to recover from the disappointment and heartache of their cancelled wedding plans. Pray that they will be granted another  opportunity to joyously share their wedding celebration among fellow church members sometime in the near future.

Pray that the Lord will give this couple and other members of Early Rain Covenant Church the wisdom, guidance and discernment needed to overcome the challenges they are facing because of their faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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