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Myanmar – Pastors Detained For Organising Prayers

Three pastors from the Kachin Baptist Convention and Rawang Baptist Convention have been detained for leading a prayer service. They were praying for peace for their nation and now they are facing jail term.

Pray that these pastors will continue to share the gospel and minister to those in need wherever they go. Pray that the light of Jesus will shine through them and many will receive healing and salvation through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in them.

Pray that these pastors will be released soon and reunited with their families.


(Source : ICC, Photo : Internet)

#Persecuted Church

India – Christians Forced to Flee

More than 50 Christians from different families have had to flee their homes and seek shelter in the jungles of Odisha because of their faith in Christ. They now have to struggle to survive in the jungle without proper shelter, food and water.

Believers from eight different families in the village of Sikapai had the roofs of their homes destroyed and belongings looted by villagers opposed to their Christian faith. They were also subjected to physical beatings. Five other Christian families from the nearby village of Kotlanga and two families in Chichinga also faced similar threats and fled their homes to join other displaced families in the jungle. Locals in three other villages have also begun oppressing Christians.

Pray that these displaced families will receive the provisions and protection they need living in the jungle.

Pray that God will work mightily in the hearts of those opposing them and make a way for peaceful negotiations so that these believers can safely return to their homes without compromising their faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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Pakistan – Pastor Zafar’s Life Sentence Upheld

Pastor Zafar, accused of sending insulting text messages, had been in prison since July 2012. In 2017, he was sentenced to life imprisonment even though the handphone used to send the text messages in question was not even registered in Pastor Zafar’s name. Read more about this case here –

Pastor Zafar appealed against his sentence. After numerous delayed appeal hearings, the court ruled on 22nd June 2021 to uphold the life sentence, despite the fact that new evidence of Pastor Zafar’s innocence was presented to the court. His lawyers now intend to appeal to the High Court.

Pastor suffers from diabetes and had two minor heart attacks during his imprisonment – one in 2019 and another in September 2020. He has poor eyesight and requires cataract surgery. Pastor Zafar’s wife, Nawab, recently injured herself due to a fall.

Please continue to remember Pastor Zafar and his family in your prayers. Pray that Pastor Zafar will be given appropriate and timely medical treatment. Pray that he will find favour in the eyes of prison guards and fellow inmates, and that they will treat him with respect and kindness.

Pray that God will strengthen his body, soul and spirit, to remain firm in his faith and to endure the challenges he is facing now. Pray for a favourable outcome at his appeal hearing in the High Court and he will be vindicated and released from prison.

Pray that all the needs of Pastor Zafar and his family will be divinely provided for. Pray for healing for his wife, Nawab.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

Persecuted Church

Vietnam – Pray for Den who was Denied Medical Care because of her Faith in Christ

Den’s son died in the military while in the line of duty and she was given a martyr’s mother certificate, which allowed family members to receive government benefits. After she became a Christian, authorities confiscated that certificate and told her she could get it back if she renounced her faith in Christ.

When Den fell ill with a serious illness, church members rushed her to the hospital but hospital staff sent her home because she did not have her martyr’s mother certificate with her. Upon returning home, her illness and pain grew worse and she was taken to the hospital again. The hospital finally agreed to admit Den but did not allow her to have any visitors due to the coronavirus.

Pray that Den will receive the medical treatment and care that she needs and that she will receive healing. Pray that Den will continue to shine for Jesus and testify of God’s goodness in her life. Pray that many people will be touched by her testimony and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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