Vietnam – Pray for Den who was Denied Medical Care because of her Faith in Christ

Den’s son died in the military while in the line of duty and she was given a martyr’s mother certificate, which allowed family members to receive government benefits. After she became a Christian, authorities confiscated that certificate and told her she could get it back if she renounced her faith in Christ.

When Den fell ill with a serious illness, church members rushed her to the hospital but hospital staff sent her home because she did not have her martyr’s mother certificate with her. Upon returning home, her illness and pain grew worse and she was taken to the hospital again. The hospital finally agreed to admit Den but did not allow her to have any visitors due to the coronavirus.

Pray that Den will receive the medical treatment and care that she needs and that she will receive healing. Pray that Den will continue to shine for Jesus and testify of God’s goodness in her life. Pray that many people will be touched by her testimony and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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