India – Christians Forced to Flee

More than 50 Christians from different families have had to flee their homes and seek shelter in the jungles of Odisha because of their faith in Christ. They now have to struggle to survive in the jungle without proper shelter, food and water.

Believers from eight different families in the village of Sikapai had the roofs of their homes destroyed and belongings looted by villagers opposed to their Christian faith. They were also subjected to physical beatings. Five other Christian families from the nearby village of Kotlanga and two families in Chichinga also faced similar threats and fled their homes to join other displaced families in the jungle. Locals in three other villages have also begun oppressing Christians.

Pray that these displaced families will receive the provisions and protection they need living in the jungle.

Pray that God will work mightily in the hearts of those opposing them and make a way for peaceful negotiations so that these believers can safely return to their homes without compromising their faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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