Father Expels and Threatens Sons for Attending Church

A teenager and his younger brother, Chan and Huang, were attending a church service outside Vientiane on May 24th, when their father burst in and began swearing and cursing at them. He told them to stop worshipping and go home. Members of the congregation had to prevent the boys’ father from hitting them.

The boys were then thrown out of the house and had to seek refuge at the home of their pastor. The boys’ father continued to threaten them and painted threats on their family home saying, “ I do not want to see you at all, heed this if you do not want to die! The boys stayed with a Voice of the Martyrs’ supported evangelist for several weeks until their father demanded they return to help him plant rice.

Please pray for reconciliation between the boys and their father.

Pray that the father will have a personal encounter with the Lord and receive salvation.


(Source and Photo Credit : VOM)

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