India – Church Set On Fire

During the night of 12th June, the Real Peace Church in Vaylur, Tamil Nadu, was set on fire by thugs. The fire destroyed the roof, which was made of coconut leaves and bamboo. By the time Pastor Ramesh noticed the flames and smoke, all the building’s contents were burned and considerable structural damage had taken place. This church has approximately 100 members.

Despite the destruction and significant loss, Pastor Ramesh is able to say the following statement: “We don’t suspect anyone in particular. People of all faiths come here to pray. Someone may have done it out of jealousy, but we forgive….”

Pray that they will have the strength needed to endure the challenges they are facing now, and the wisdom to make the right decisions in accordance to biblical principles.

Pray that God will provide the finances and resources for the church to be re-built and pray for alternative premises for the members to gather for worship.

Pray that those responsible for the attack will have a personal encounter with the Lord. Pray that they will receive forgiveness and salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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