Christian Families Expelled From Village

Two Christian families were expelled from their Laotian village after declaring their faith in Christ.

When the Mua family became Christians, village leaders stated clearly that their village will not cooperate or associate with those that take on the “Jesus religion”, and that they disliked the Christians coming to tell others about Jesus. After the Mua family led six more people from another family to Christ, village leaders ordered all of them to leave the village by the end of April 2020.

VOM contacts found 10 of these believers camped beside the main road leading into the village, provided them with temporary housing, and are now helping them to find a permanent solution. We thank God for the willingness of these believers to give up everything they owned for the sake of Christ.

Pray that these faithful believers will be able to find permanent accommodation. Pray that they will find divine providence for their every need, and experience the peace of God despite their challenging circumstances.

Pray that many more villagers will be blessed and receive salvation through the testimony of these believers.

Do share this prayer request.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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