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Worship Service in the village of Ihala Yakkura, Sri Lanka, was disrupted by a mob of 150 people

The attackers attempted to assault the Pastor and insisted that no “Christian worship” is allowed in the village even though the Pastor was invited there by the villagers.

That evening the Pastor, together with his wife, son and eight others went back to the village. When they tried to leave the area, they found the road blocked. A mob confronted and physically assaulted them and also damaged their vehicles.

Lord, we pray for the physical and emotional healing of the injured. We pray that God will make a way for the Gospel message to be preached in this village and that many lives will be touched and transformed.

We pray that those who are opposing the Gospel will eventually come to saving faith in Christ as they recognise and experience the love and joy of Christ reflected in believers.


(Source : VOMC, Photo Credits : Internet)

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Destroyed House Church Now Larger Than Before

In February 2019, a house church in Boke, a northern province of Laos, was destroyed by authorities.

A year after the destruction, so many people in that province received salvation that the church does not have room for all of them. The church is currently adding an extension to their existing building to make it larger to accommodate all the new believers.

Praise God! Indeed, Christ cannot be limited by a building or by human actions.

Pray for successful completion of the church extension building. Pray that many more Laotian people will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel message and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo Credits : VOM)

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Jesus is Healer and Saviour

Laxmi, a young Nepali woman suffered a long illness.  She was healed, after being prayed for by members of a local church, and received salvation in Christ in 2017.

She continued to attend church even after her recovery but her husband told her there is no need to go to church since she is now healed.  Laxmi boldly replied, “Now I know Jesus. He is not just a Healer but a Saviour also.”

When Laxmi repeatedly refused to stop attending church, her husband left her and her 7-year old daughter behind and married another woman. Laxmi is now homeless and unable to pay the rent with no source of income. She hopes to start a tailoring business to sustain the two of them.

Pray that God will gift Laxmi with the skills and materials needed to start her tailoring business. Pray that many customers will seek her tailoring services and she will be able to support herself and her young daughter.

Pray that Laxmi’s daughter will also have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and be as committed to Christ as Laxmi is.

Please share this prayer request.


(Photo Credits & Source : VOM)

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Tough new rules implemented on 1 February 2020 drastically limits the autonomy and independence of the church in China

Churches will now need to seek approval for a wide range of activities including staff changes, training, major meetings & activities, overseas communications, overseas donations of about S$20,000 and major building works.

A recent overseas shipment of supplies, to help fight the coronavirus, sent by overseas Christians to the local church was confiscated even though it was designated for local hospitals’ usage.

Despite the persecution, Chinese Christians have been risking their lives to share the Gospel message of peace and hope to the community and distributing face masks to passers-by in the streets. Brother Jia Xuewei & sister Shu Qiong from Early Rain Church opened their home to host and board people fleeing from Hubei province.

Pray that Christians will be supernaturally protected from the coronavirus as they serve the community. Pray that many will come to salvation in Christ whenever the Gospel message is shared.


(Source & Photo Credits : RI, ICC)

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The late JJ’s children are waiting in anticipation for approval of their appeal for immigration visas to UK to be reunited with relatives. The UK Home Office is due to give their response by 5 February 2020.

The children have spent their 2nd Christmas away from loved ones since JJ passed away on 2 January 2018. They observed the 2nd death anniversary of their father while staying with strangers.

On 6 January 2020, the oldest of JJ’s children turned 13. She celebrated her 3rd birthday whilst the other 2 siblings had 2 birthdays without their father. It has been emotionally wrecking for them.

Please pray that the UK Home Office will approve the children’s application for visas to UK.

Pray that the grace of God will strengthen the children during these trying times. Pray that God will protect these precious young ones.


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