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Indonesia – Church Forced to Close

Believers from The New Testament Christian Church in Central Java were in the middle of a worship service on 16 February when protestors entered the building and demanded that they stop the service.

The protestors persisted in their demands until police arrived at the scene to mediate. The pastor was allowed to finish the service before meeting the protestors and other community members who are opposed to the building being used for Christian activities. The church was ultimately forced to close.

Pray that the Lord will uphold the faith of the congregation and provide alternative premises where they can continue to meet for worship. Pray that God will give the pastor and church leaders the wisdom to handle the situation.

Pray that the message of the Gospel will continue to spread in the region and touch the lives of even those who are opposing it.

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(Source & Photo Credits : VOMC)

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Laos – Young Believer Denied Medical Care

John became interested in Christianity when a friend shared some Christian music and videos with him. He eventually came to salvation after a pastor from another village explained the gospel to him.

6 months after John’s conversion, his foster parents and relatives started cursing and treated him badly. They told him to stop believing in God because it is not the religion of their ancestors.

His foster parents also verbalised regret for taking John in after his biological parents died. They also refused to pay for a scheduled surgery to remove a metal rod in his leg unless he gave up his faith.

John, however, had decided not to give up his faith. He chose to continue to love and respect his foster parents despite the ill-treatment and said he would wait till he has saved up sufficient money before going for surgery. John says,  “I will believe in Christ until the day I pass away.”

We praise God for this young believer’s courage and faith in Christ.

Pray that God will bring comfort, encouragement and emotional support to John through his newfound family in Christ.  Pray that God will provide sufficient funds for John to have his surgery.

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(Source & photo credits : VOMC)

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Pakistan – Worker Tortured to Death

After a hard day’s work in the fields on 25 February 2020, Saleem Masih, a Christian, had innocently gone to the well to rinse off. The landowner, from another faith, was furious with what Saleem did. The landowner called him a filthy Christian, accused him of polluting the waters and vowed to teach him a lesson.

Saleem was subsequently dragged to the farm, by the landowner and others, where they chained him up and began to torture him. The abuse continued for hours until he eventually fell unconscious from the pain. When the police and his family members found Saleem in the farm, he was still in chains.

Due to the severity of his internal injuries, Saleem remained in a coma since the day of the attack and finally succumbed to his injuries 3 days later at the hospital. Those responsible for his death have not been brought to justice.

Please pray for the family and friends of Saleem. Pray that they will be able to find comfort and peace in God despite the unjust and terrible circumstances. Pray that justice will be served in this case.


(Photo Credits & Source : VOMC)

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Children Beaten and Threatened

Christians in the village of Malasamudra in the state of Karnataka, India, gathered for worship on the morning of January 19th when a mob of about 20 militants intruded into the worship service & started taking photographs and videos.

When the adult congregation attempted to stop the militants from taking photographs of the children, the militants started beating the children whilst restraining the adult believers.

The militants  also threatened to set the believers’ homes on fire and burn them alive if they reported the matter.

Pray for the safety of these believers and their children as they gather for worship. Pray for the healing and emotional well-being of the children who were affected.

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(Source & Photo Credits : VOMC)

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Pastor in Wa State, Myammar, imprisoned for sharing the gospel

Pastor Sam often accompanied his wife to the market where she sold fresh fruit and vegetables. They would take the opportunity to share the gospel to those they met at the market.

Many people converted to Christianity and religious authorities decided to arrest Pastor Sam. He fled before they were able to arrest him so they arrested his wife instead and burned their entire stock of Bibles.

When Pastor Sam heard about his wife’s arrest, he returned to take her place in prison and served 2 months of hard labour in a prison camp before his release.

According to VOM contacts, the situation in the region of Wa State is very difficult for Christians right now.

Pray that Pastor Sam and his wife will not be intimidated but will continue to share the gospel and the love of Jesus to the community. Pray that God will provide for all their needs as well as the needs of their ministry. Pray that there will be a greater supply of Bibles to replace those that were burned.

Pray that God will strengthen believers in Wa State to stand firm in their faith. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those who have been persecuting Christians and bring them to a saving knowledge of Him.

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(Source & Photo Credits : VOM USA)

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