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Pray for Pastor Li Juncai who is Sentenced to 5½ years in Prison

Li Juncai, pastor of the Yuanyang County Central House Church in Henan, and three other individuals were arrested in February 2019 for refusing to place patriotic slogans in their church. Pastor Li also received a fine of more than USD $7,000.

Pastor Li’s church was asked to replace a sign that read “Love God and People” to one that read “Love Country” and remove the cross on their steeple. The church did not comply leading to the arrests in February 2019. The others have since been released but Pastor Li remained in detention.

In January 2021, Pastor Li was sentenced to 5½ years in prison. The cross atop the church was forcibly removed and the sign “Love God and People” forcibly replaced.

Pray for Christians in China whose faith in the Lord and their right to practice their faith are continually challenged. Pray that they will stand firm and not buckle under the pressure to compromise or give up their faith even if it means having to suffer personal sacrifice or loss.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Pray for Pastor Zhang Shaojie who was Transferred to another Prison for “Concentrated Education”

Pastor Zhang was the pastor of state-sanctioned church, Nanle County Christian Church in Henan. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “gathering a crowd to disrupt public order” in 2014 after he sent a petition to authorities regarding a land dispute involving his church.

When family members visited him in Dec 2019, they reported dramatic changes to his personality and his mental was failing. It was recently reported that Pastor Zhang has been transferred to Zhengzhou City to serve the remaining 5 years of his sentence. And he will be sent for treatment referred to as “concentrated education”. Only one visitor per month will be permitted, subject to proof of relationship with Pastor Zhang.

Pray for Pastor Zhang’s mental, emotional and physical healing and well-being. Pray that he will be given proper medical treatment whilst in prison and his health will improve.

May he find comfort and strength in the Lord such that he will not feel alone, abandoned or forgotten. Pray that he will continue to fight the good fight, keep the faith and focus on finishing the race well, knowing that there is in store for him a crown of righteousness which the Lord will award to him (2 Tim 4:7-8). Pray for his early release.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Pray for Mr Han and our brethren in Laos

After Mr Han and his family believed in Jesus and became Christians, villagers treated them with contempt and threatened to force him and his family out of the village. When Mr Han and his family chose to remain firm in their faith, villagers seized his farmland and rubber trees. Mr Han was also made to pay an extra tax.

But he was not discouraged. He continued to pray for the sick and share the gospel with others. There are now 11 Christian families in the village worshipping in Mr Han’s house, which is rather run-down due to the difficulties he faced.

Pray that God will provide the resources and help for believers to refurbish the house so that it can accommodate all the worshippers. Pray that Mr Han will be abundantly blessed in return for all the suffering he endured because of his faith.

Pray that Mr Han will be endowed with wisdom and understanding of God’s word so that he can disciple others. Pray that God will anoint his lips and many will receive salvation as Mr Han shares the gospel message.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Pray for Maung Cia and Believers in Myanmar

Maung Cia and two of his friends accepted Christ after a pastor, from a neighbouring village, shared the gospel with them.

Maung then led 10 other villagers to Jesus and invited the pastor to lead a worship service in his village. Halfway through the service, villagers came and severely beat up the pastor and stoned the worshippers. Village leaders also kicked 5 Christian families, including Maung Cia and his family, out of the village. Fortunately, these 5 families were able to receive food and housing assistance from Voice of the Martyrs.

Pray that Maung Cia and these Christian families will not be discouraged but remain strong in their faith. Pray that their needs will be met and they will grow in their knowledge and maturity in Christ.

Pray that believers in Myanmar will continue to seek the Lord and trust that He is in control even in uncertain times. Pray that they will be a pillar of strength and encouragement to those around them, and their testimonies of faith will draw others to Jesus.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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