Pray for Maung Cia and Believers in Myanmar

Maung Cia and two of his friends accepted Christ after a pastor, from a neighbouring village, shared the gospel with them.

Maung then led 10 other villagers to Jesus and invited the pastor to lead a worship service in his village. Halfway through the service, villagers came and severely beat up the pastor and stoned the worshippers. Village leaders also kicked 5 Christian families, including Maung Cia and his family, out of the village. Fortunately, these 5 families were able to receive food and housing assistance from Voice of the Martyrs.

Pray that Maung Cia and these Christian families will not be discouraged but remain strong in their faith. Pray that their needs will be met and they will grow in their knowledge and maturity in Christ.

Pray that believers in Myanmar will continue to seek the Lord and trust that He is in control even in uncertain times. Pray that they will be a pillar of strength and encouragement to those around them, and their testimonies of faith will draw others to Jesus.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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