Pray for healing for Pastor Aikhun

Pastor Aikhun and about 120 pastors and Christians in Northeastern Myanmar were arrested in 2018.

In prison, Pastor Aikhun spent most of his time with a metal chain attached to his ankle, causing long-term bone damage and pain. He also contracted a skin disease. Upon his release, his skin ailment cleared up after receiving treatment. However, he continues to experience excruciating pain in his leg as doctors were unable to provide any effective treatment. Recently, Pastor Aikhun was elected principal of a Bible college and is eager to take on his new responsibilities.

Pray for healing for Pastor Aikhun’s leg so that he may continue serving the Lord.

Pray that God will anoint him with divine wisdom to lead the Bible college to effectively equip many saints in the Lord for ministry and bring glory to God. Pray that as Pastor Aikhun obeys the Lord’s call in his life, both he and his family will be greatly blessed.   


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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