Laos – Pray for Village Elder Ostracised by Family for his Faith in Christ

Khampang came to salvation in Christ after witnessing God’s goodness and after being healed of an ailment.

In his village, there are only two other Christians, and both experienced harsh reactions from their families because of their faith in Christ. One young man was disowned by his family whilst the other Christian, a teenager, was kicked out of his family home. Both young men were forced to leave the village.

Community leaders did not punish Khampang because he is an elder in the village. However, they still persecuted Khampang by convincing his wife that his decision to become a Christian was illegal. As a result, she refused to sleep in the same bed as Khampang and she would give him small either portions of food or nothing at all. When Khampang recently met with VOM partners, large tears rolled down his cheeks as he shared how his family had rejected him.

Pray for Khampang and the two Christians who were forced to leave the village. Pray that they will find peace and comfort in the Lord during this difficult time.

Pray that God will soften the hearts of their family members and they will be reconciliation. Pray that Khampang and the two Christians will continue to remain faithful to God and trust in His sovereign plan in their lives.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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