No Rice for Christians

Seven families from two tribal groups in Laos had their farm land confiscated because of their faith in Christ, and they are not allowed to farm. These seven families, totalling about 50 people from the Khmu and Hmong tribes, have been experiencing severe persecution since they became Christians. However, their faith had been strong and they were active in serving the Lord and one another.

When the village experienced a drought earlier this year, rice was distributed to everyone except Christians. The believers were told that if they wanted help, they must first renounce their faith in Christ. The Christian families are in a dire situation with no food to eat. They have tried to dig up yam and hunt for jungle animals to sell in order to get rice to eat.

Pray that these families will receive sufficient food and basic necessities for survival. Pray that they will be able to continue gathering for worship.

Pray that, through their testimonies, other villagers will be acknowledge believe in the truths of the gospel and receive salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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Would You Still Follow Jesus?

If someone you treasured and loved dearly is shot dead, just because he or she believed in Jesus and has been actively and effectively sharing the gospel and leading others to Christ, would you still follow Jesus?

Pastor Munshi Devu Tado was leading a worship service for a small group on his property on July 10th when armed thugs approached him. The thugs first shook hands with Pastor Munshi, then tied his hands behind his back before leading him away on the pretext of wanting to talk to him.  A few minutes later, a gunshot was heard and Pastor Munshi was found dead on the ground and his attackers gone.

According to reports, opposing villagers had been upset about the growth of the church, as people were being converted from their tribal religion to Christianity. It is believed that the disgruntled villagers incited the thugs to kill the pastor.

The family has faced ongoing persecution since they came to faith in Christ seven years ago.  Pastor Vachami, a close associate of the slain minister, spoke favourably about him, “He was a very simple man and a very faithful servant of God.”

Pray for Pastor Munshi’s wife, Jaini, as well as their four young children during this time of tragic loss. Pray that they will find comfort and support from the Lord and from fellow believers. Pray that they will not succumb to fear or be intimated to renounce their faith in Christ.

Pray also for the villagers who have come to trust in Christ through their pastor’s faithful service to God. Pray that the Lord will spur them onward in their walk of faith.

Pray that many others in this community, who have yet to acknowledge Christ as their Saviour (including the attackers) will be touched by the late pastor’s testimony and, through his ongoing legacy, receive God’s mercy, forgiveness and transformative saving grace.


(Source and Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Accused as Criminals for Bible Distribution

VOMK have been successfully getting God’s Word into the closed nation of North Korea through the use of various innovative methods, like launching large balloons and bottles containing rice, vitamins and small Bibles.  However, these efforts have recently been questioned and VOMK has been told to cease and desist all further Bible launches.

The Foleys, co-founders of VOMK, are presently facing possible criminal charges and VOMK’s status as a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (“NGO”) is also being reviewed.

In a recently sent email, Rev. Dr. Eric Foley and his wife Dr. Foley wrote, “We stand accused in our own country as criminals, and we do so alongside our North Korean Christian brothers and sisters.”

Please pray for the Foleys and the rest of the VOMK staff as they navigate how to wisely deal with these present challenges while endeavouring to honour God through the distribution of His Word and the provision of humanitarian aid.

Pray that the North Koreans who have received the distributed Bibles will be touched by what they read, resulting in their eternal salvation.

Pray that those opposing the Gospel will willingly embrace our Heavenly Father’s love and become convicted of their need to accept His Son Jesus as their own personal Saviour.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Hundreds of Crosses Removed

In the early morning of July 7th, more than a hundred people arrived at the Aodi Christian Church and Yinchang Christian Church in Wenzhou with cranes and removed crosses from atop the church buildings. Door locks were also broken and some church property was destroyed.

When church members tried to intervene, they were physically assaulted, resulting in several injuries. The elderly among them were not exempt from mistreatment. An elderly man in his 80s was disrespectfully pushed to the ground.

In the state of Anhui, crosses were removed from at least 250 churches during the first four months of 2020 alone. Similar action is being taken against symbols of other religions as well.

The persecution Christians are currently facing in China has been described as the most intense in decades.

Please continue to lift up China’s Christians in your prayers, asking God to minister His grace, healing, spiritual encouragement and renewed hope in the midst of the many restrictions and the resulting harm it has caused to many.

Pray that God will work in the lives of those who are persecuting Christians. Pray that they too will become keenly aware of the Lord’s presence and recognise His sovereignty. Pray that the continued outreach of churches throughout the country will be mightily used to bring multitudes from all walks of life to a saving faith in Christ.

(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Syrian Christians Reach Out In Love During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Syrian church leader in Turkey has been serving his community during the coronavirus pandemic by transporting sick people to the hospital.

One of those he transported — and even escorted to the coronavirus care unit — was a church member’s 70-year-old father. As the man recovered in the hospital for 17 days, he thought about how Christians had cared for him even though he was not a believer. When he was released from the hospital, he asked the Christian leader to pray with him as he placed his faith in Christ.

We thank and praise God for the way He is working in difficult times and for the committed Christians who are reaching out in love to others.

Pray that these courageous and faithful believers will be divinely protected from the coronavirus. Pray that many more will come to know and believe in the Lord through the acts of love and kindness of these believers.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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