Community Warns Against Following Foreign Religion

Ishika received healing from a longstanding illness when a church shared the gospel with her and prayed for her.  She then started attending church and placed her faith in Jesus Christ.

Her neighbours, however, began to notice a change in Ishika and pressured her husband to stop her from following a “foreign religion”.  He responded by drinking heavily, and last year he left Ishika and their three children. He told her that he will not be back until she renounced her faith in Christ.

Ishika and her children have not heard from him in more than six months. She can no longer afford to pay the children’s school fees and they have had to stop school.

Pray that God will supply all their needs and that the children will be able to go back to school. Pray that Ishika and her children will follow the Lord and trust Him for all things.

Pray that Ishika’s husband will come to know Christ.

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India – Church Demolished and Members Arrested

Authorities, under pressure from religious extremists, ordered the destruction of a church in Karnataka State, India, in March this year.

The church was demolished and the pastor and a number of church members were arrested for alleged document discrepancies. The pastor is refuting these allegations, stating that all necessary building permits were in place.

Lord we pray that this matter will be resolved quickly and peacefully. We pray that no formal charges will be filed against these 11 Christians and they will be released soon.

We pray that these believers and their respective families will not fear but will continue to trust that their sovereign God is in control of the situation. We also pray that God will provide the finances and alternative premises for the congregation to meet for worship.

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Pakistan – Bomb Victim Suffers Ongoing Health Issues

In September 2013, about 85 people died whilst many more were injured and maimed when two suicide bombers exploded their bombs at the end of the service in the All Saints Anglican Church in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Mehak was only 4 years old when she was severely injured in the September 2018 bombing which killed her father. Since then, she has had to undergo multiple surgeries due to the extensive injuries she suffered. Mehak is now 11 years old and recently she began experiencing unexplained seizures. Doctors have now discovered small blood clots in her brain.

Please pray for Mehak’s complete healing, both physical and emotional. Pray for financial providence to cover the hefty medical bills, her education and her family’s daily needs.

Do share this prayer request.


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Urgent Prayer Request for the late JJ’s children

Some of you may remember the story of 3 children, aged 11, 9 and 7 in 2018, who lost their father, JJ, to religious extremists because of their faith in Christ.

The children’s relatives in UK have been working continuously and tirelessly to bring them to UK despite the many obstacles and delays. The long drawn process has taken a toll on the children’s physical and emotional well-being.

A Court hearing to decide on the grant of visas to the children has been scheduled on 27 April 2020. Please pray for grace and mercy that the outcome of the hearing will result in visas being granted to the children to enter UK.

The children’s school has been closed for several weeks because of the COVID-19 situation and they had to stay home.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to protect the children and their host family and keep them safe from the coronavirus. Pray also that God will sustain them and help them find peace and comfort in Him throughout the waiting period for the visas.


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Shandong Province – Online Preaching Banned

A notice has been sent to the official churches in Shandong province stating that “all livestreamed preaching should be stopped immediately”.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the use of Internet-based services has increased significantly. Non-registered churches began using online services after being involuntarily shut down.

Now even the official churches, The Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM)and China Christian Council (CCC), have received an order to stop online preaching. Besides this restriction, these churches are also asked to assist in rooting out any non-approved churches within their communities.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for all pastors and church leaders (from both official and unofficial churches) as they seek to maintain their ministries amidst the numerous restrictions.

Pray that the church will remain united and strong in their faith. Pray that the gospel message will continue to be proclaimed throughout the nation and many will be ready to choose life and hope that only our Almighty God can give.


(Source & Photo Credits : VOMC & VOM USA)

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