India – Pray for Pastor’s Wife Rescued From Forced Prostitution

Pastor Ramdrash and his wife, Sunita, have been ministering in a small church since 2001. Over the years, they have endured frequent threats from members of the surrounding community. On 21st February 2021, Sunita was approached by someone in the village who asked if she could go pray for someone who had allegedly been ill. She innocently went with the villager who suddenly disappeared upon arrival at the location.

When his wife did not return, Pastor Ramdrash went searching for her but was unsuccessful. A police report was made and investigations revealed that Sunita’s abductors made arrangements for human traffickers to purchase her and she was then sold her to a brothel in the state of Rajasthan, located over 1,400 kilometres away.

Thankfully, through the continued prayers of concerned believers, police were finally able to rescue Sunita about a month after she was initially abducted. Her captors have since been arrested and Sunita is now staying with her husband and children in a safehouse. While grateful to be rescued and reunited with her family, this pastor’s wife is presently in need of healing after the trauma she experienced.

Please pray for Sunita’s complete recovery from the aftermath and trauma of the horrific ordeal. Pray also for her husband, Pastor Ramdrash, and their children – that they will find the much needed comfort and assistance from the Lord and His church.

Pray that this family will find hope, courage and protection from the Lord to continue their ministry to others and many who hear their testimonies will be blessed and seek salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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China – Pray for Christians Arrested after Church Raid

Renai Reformed Church in Guiyang was raided on 16th March and more than 10 Christians were taken into custody.

The church, with less than a hundred members, faced ongoing harassment for refusing to join the government-sanctioned Three-Self Church. In September 2018, they lost their facility after being banned from meeting for worship services. Subsequently, the congregation began holding services in restaurants and hotels where they were raided at least three more times.

Although some of those detained earlier have been released, the church’s leader, Elder Zhang Chunlei, and some members have not been released yet.

Pray for protection over Elder Zhang and the believers who are still in detention. Pray that they will remain strong in the Lord and will not succumb to fear or any form of intimidation. Pray for their release soon.

Pray for wisdom for members of Renai Reformed Church as they seek alternative ways to continue their ministry.

Pray for the many Chinese Christians who are being persecuted for their faith. Pray that God will shine His light through them and lead many more to faith and salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Laos – Pray for Family Forced To Leave Their Home and Village Because of their Christian Faith

Shortly after Gate and his wife became Christians, his parents and the village leader forced the couple and their young child out of their village because of their Christian faith.

With no place to stay, Gate started to build a home for his family on farmland he owned in another village about a mile away. Learning of the family’s faith, the leader of this village threatened to arrest Gate if he did not stop the construction. Although they have no home and only rice to eat, Gate and his wife remain strong in their faith.

Pray that the Lord will make a way for Gate to build a temporary home on his own land. Pray that the Lord will provide all of the family’s necessities in addition to shelter.

Pray that Gate and his family will not be discouraged but will continue to trust that the Lord is their Provider and He will watch over their coming and going now and forevermore (Ps 121:8).


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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India – Pray for Pastor Vasunia

Worship services at 2 churches were recently disrupted by armed thugs who beat up congregation members and pressured local authorities to arrest more than 20 Christians for alleged forced conversions.

Pastor Malsingh Meda together with 21 members of his church, and Pastor Dilipsingh Vasunia who leads a church in another village were arrested. Pastor Meda was later released but Pastor Vasunia was charged with forced conversion under the new anti-conversion law.

Pray that all charges against Pastor Vasunia would be dropped and he will be free to continue his ministry to the church. Pray that his accusers will encounter the Lord’s goodness and mercy, turn away from violence and receive salvation in Christ.

Pray that God will strengthen and uphold our brothers and sisters in Christ in India who courageously continue to meet and worship together despite the threat from thugs opposed to the gospel.


(Source & Photo Credit : RI)

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Indonesia – Pray for The Wounded in Suicide Bomb Attack outside a Catholic Church

On 28th March, suicide bombers detonated a bomb outside the Makassar Cathedral Church compound while a Palm Sunday Mass was being conducted at the time.

The explosion killed 2 suspected bombers and injured around 20 people, some critically, including church staff and members of the congregation.

Pray for physical and emotional healing for all those who were injured in the horrific attack. Pray for peace and calm to be restored in the region.


(Source : ICC, CNA, Photo Credit : Internet)

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