Laos – Young Couple Kicked Out of Family Home

Phu and Sri married at a young age and moved in to stay with Phu’s parents. After Sri gave birth to their daughter, she was often ill and had no one to take care of her whilst her husband, Phu, worked long hours in a banana plantation.

Sri sought prayer from a local house church and was healed of her illness. Both Sri and Phu, placed their faith in Christ but when Phu’s mother found out, she beat Sri so severely that Sri’s face and ears became swollen. Phu’s mother also told her son and daughter-in-law that they could no longer live with her. Sri has no family to provide support for them.

Pray that they will be able to find alternative accommodation and receive support from the church.

Pray they will be greatly blessed and well provided for as they continue to place their trust in God stand firm in their newfound faith.

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(Source & Photo Credits : VOM)

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