China demolishes state-sanctioned Church during Easter

Donghu Church in Qinghai, a state-sanctioned church, had about 300 members and was the oldest and largest church in its district. It was demolished on 12th April this year.

Previously the church had its power supply cut on Christmas day and in 2017 the fire department closed the church citing a ‘hidden danger’. In the following year, the church bought a new building but they were not allowed to relocate there or renovate the building. So the congregation had to meet in a hotel, only to be told later that that constituted an ‘illegal gathering’. Now the authorities have pulled down their church.

Please pray for members of Donghu Church. Pray that they will remain firm in their faith in Christ despite not being able to meet for worship and not being able to listen to sermons being preached online.

Pray that the each individual will be strengthened and encouraged as they meditate on the Word of God.


(Source & Photo Credits : RI)

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