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India – Christian Families Threatened For Weeks

16 families from a church in Jharkland state were terrorized every night by mobs armed with clubs for almost 3 weeks. The thugs threatened to kill the Christian families unless they returned to their ancestral religion.

According to Pastor Sarabjit Bharati of Kirpa Bhavan Salom Church, 2 of the Christian families succumbed to the intimidation and were forced to perform re-conversion rituals and pay hefty fines if they were ever found attending Christian meetings or professing their faith in Christ. The church members also face possible expulsion and boycott.

Please pray that these Christian families will find strength and courage to withstand the threats and remain firm in their faith in Christ.

Pray for the 2 families who yielded to the pressure of their oppressors. Pray that they will receive God’s grace and restoration and return wholeheartedly to Him.

Pray that God will protect the ongoing ministry of this church in the village and surrounding areas so that the Lord’s transformative work will continue to touch many lives, including the perpetrators.
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Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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Young Couple in Laos Become Non-Citizens less than 6 months after becoming Christians

Shortly, after Phiarune and his wife, Lai, became Christians, they moved to stay with Lai’s parents. But Lai’s parents disapproved of their faith in Christ and their new practices like saying a prayer before dinner.

Phiarune’s father refused to include the young couple’s names in the family-registration booklet, which serves as a passport and social security card as a family unit.

As a result of that, the couple and their young son had to move out of the home.

Pray that Phiarune and Lai will get their own family registration booklet and be official recognized so that they can find work and receive education and social services.

Pray that they will find support and encouragement from fellow believers.

Pray that God will supply their every need (Phil 4:19) and they will be convinced that knowing God far surpasses everything they have lost for His sake.


(Source and Photo Credit : VOM)

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Church Meetings Raided in Turkmenistan

Last year, a homeowner was fined a sum equivalent to one week’s wages for having a Christmas celebration in his house.

In February this year, a Christian meeting in another home was raided. The personal information of all the participants were recorded and the homeowner was made to pay a fine.

A few weeks later, a house warming celebration was raided, and the Christians there were accused of violating an order against religious gatherings. Some of the believers were detained for a few hours.

According to VOM, there are only 8 protestant churches in this country with a population of 5.6 million people.

Please pray that our brothers and sisters in Turkmenistan will have the wisdom, discernment and grace to overcome and emerge victorious over every challenge or difficult situation they may face in their walk with the Lord.

Pray that those who are opposing the gospel will be won over into the Kingdom of God because of the testimony of the believers.

Pray that many more people in Turkmenistan will have the opportunity to hear the gospel being preached and receive the hope of eternal life that only salvation in Christ can bring.

Please share this prayer request.


(Source and Photo Credit : VOM)

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