Tough new rules implemented on 1 February 2020 drastically limits the autonomy and independence of the church in China

Churches will now need to seek approval for a wide range of activities including staff changes, training, major meetings & activities, overseas communications, overseas donations of about S$20,000 and major building works.

A recent overseas shipment of supplies, to help fight the coronavirus, sent by overseas Christians to the local church was confiscated even though it was designated for local hospitals’ usage.

Despite the persecution, Chinese Christians have been risking their lives to share the Gospel message of peace and hope to the community and distributing face masks to passers-by in the streets. Brother Jia Xuewei & sister Shu Qiong from Early Rain Church opened their home to host and board people fleeing from Hubei province.

Pray that Christians will be supernaturally protected from the coronavirus as they serve the community. Pray that many will come to salvation in Christ whenever the Gospel message is shared.


(Source & Photo Credits : RI, ICC)

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