Teen Girls Kidnapped & Forced to Marry

On April 28th, 14-year-old Christian girl, Maira Shahbaz, was abducted at gunpoint by Mohamad Nakash and his two accomplices while she was walking to her home near Faisalabad. She was then forced to convert to another faith and marry her abductor. The teen girl’s parents challenged the validity of the marriage. However, both the conversion and marriage was deemed as legal and Maira was ordered to remain with her abductor and “be a good wife”.  According to recent reports, Maira managed to escape her captor and is now in hiding somewhere in the Faisalabad area, along with her mother and siblings.

On July 22nd, 15-year-old Christian girl, Saneha Kinza Iqbal, was kidnapped on her way to church by Saeed Amanat, a 30-year-old married man with four children. Saeed is a security guard at a hospital in Faisalabad where Shaneha’s mother was admitted for treatment in June. During this time, he became familiar with the young girl, finding out where she lived. A neighbour reported seeing Saeed in a vehicle with Saneha. When confronted, the abductor’s father promised that Saneha would be returned to her family but he later reneged on that promise.

While Saneha’s fate is not known at this point, her family is concerned that she will be forcibly converted to another faith and married to her abductor, similar to the situations facing Maira and another young teen girl, Huma Younus.

Pray for Maira, Saneha, Huma, and other previously abducted Christian girls. Pray that God will mightily intervene by rendering His justice in each of their cases. Pray that He will also provide the much needed help and consolation to their distraught families.

Pray for divine protection and that God’s ministering angels will surround each of these girls, their loved ones, and all who courageously advocate on their behalf. Pray that His Holy Spirit’s conviction be upon the abductors, and all who encourage such crimes against vulnerable teen girls, bringing to light the seriousness of their wrongful actions so they will acknowledge their need for repentance and endeavour to do what is right.

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(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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