Pakistan – Pray for Ashfaq

A Christian mechanic, Ashfaq, has been sentenced to death by hanging after he allegedly made remarks that are deemed derogatory and for saying that Jesus Christ is the “true prophet”.

It started on 6th June 2017 when a customer, Irfan, went to the Christian’s shop to arrange for the wheel balancing of his bike. After the repair work was completed, Irfan refused to pay for the services rendered claiming that he should not be made to pay since he was a religious ascetic. Ashfaq replied that he is a follower of Jesus Christ and requested that the customer pay the outstanding bill.

Ashfaq, who denied ever speaking against anyone in a derogatory way, believes this incident was orchestrated by a rival motorbike mechanic in an effort to drive him out of business.

Pray for Ashfaq who has a wife and daughter to support. Pray that Ashfaq and his loved ones will be ministered to by the Lord’s presence and His peace will fill their hearts and strengthen them during this time of uncertainty.

Pray for wisdom and guidance on behalf of Ashfaq and his legal counsel as they appeal against this ruling. Pray that the courts will make the right decision and justice will prevail.

Pray that they Holy Spirit will work in the lives of those opposing Ashfaq, that they will be touched by the gospel message and turn to Christ for salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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