Pakistan – Pray for Amjed & Samina

Samina had to work in a factory to support her family and pay for her husband’s medical expenses. Her husband, Amjed, suffers from kidney disease requiring dialysis three times a week.

When Samina prayed to the Lord at work, her co-workers stopped her and pressured her to renounce her Christian faith. Despite the pressure, Samina and Amjed have stood firm in their faith, praying regularly at home and at church.

Pray for the couple to continue to be encouraged as they navigate Amjed’s health challenges, their financial troubles and persecution at Samina’s workplace.

Pray for Amjed to be healed from his disease. Pray for God’s provision for this family and for Samina to continue to exhibit God’s grace and truth at work. Pray that her testimony and faith in the Lord will draw many to receive salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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