Pakistan – Pray for 13-year-old Nayab

13-year old Nayab was forced to renounce her Christian faith and marry her employer Saddam, who was already married with five children. In May 2021, the Pakistani courts upheld the legality of the marriage and gave custody of young Nayab to Saddam. The Christian family appealed against the court’s decision but a hearing scheduled in November 2021 was postponed indefinitely.

Now a year later, Nayab’s family members received reports that the young teen may have been sold to an unknown person. Fearing for her safety, the Christian family requested assistance from the courts. On 25th July this year, the Lahore High Court ordered Saddam to present Nayab to the court by 27th July 2022.

Pray that God will protect young Nayab and minister healing to her through the power of His Holy Spirit. Pray that her family will be filled with God’s shalom peace, comfort and hope as they await further news of her whereabouts.

Pray that the Pakistani Courts will ensure that justice prevails in this case and the young teen will be rescued from captivity and rightfully returned to her concerned family. Pray also for the many other young girls in Pakistan who have been forced into similar situations.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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