Pakistan – Christian Prisoner Acquitted

Sajjad, a Christian, was accused and charged in 2011 for allegedly sending insulting text messages. He was initially sentenced to life in prison but this sentence was, in March 2021, changed to the death penalty.  Sajjad’s many appeals against his sentence was met with numerous delays.

During his time of imprisonment, Sajad endured torture and ostracism. Even his brother and nephew were attacked and threatened after visiting Sajjad in prison.

We praise God that Sajjad has finally been acquitted of all charges by the High Court in Lahore on the grounds of insufficient evidence. He was released from prison on 13th November.

Pray for Sajjad and his family as they are, for safety reasons, unable to live life as they used to. Pray that they will be able to adjust to a new way of life. Pray that they needs, both emotional and physical, will be divinely provided for.

Pray that God will protect Sajjad and  family and all those involved in his acquittal, from the dangers of mob violence.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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