No Rice for Christians

Seven families from two tribal groups in Laos had their farm land confiscated because of their faith in Christ, and they are not allowed to farm. These seven families, totalling about 50 people from the Khmu and Hmong tribes, have been experiencing severe persecution since they became Christians. However, their faith had been strong and they were active in serving the Lord and one another.

When the village experienced a drought earlier this year, rice was distributed to everyone except Christians. The believers were told that if they wanted help, they must first renounce their faith in Christ. The Christian families are in a dire situation with no food to eat. They have tried to dig up yam and hunt for jungle animals to sell in order to get rice to eat.

Pray that these families will receive sufficient food and basic necessities for survival. Pray that they will be able to continue gathering for worship.

Pray that, through their testimonies, other villagers will be acknowledge believe in the truths of the gospel and receive salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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