Laos – They Destroyed his Hut & Kicked him out of Village but Man Refuses to Abandon Christ

Keo’s wife suffered from numerous health problems for several years. A witchdoctor advised the couple to live separately until his wife receives healing. So, Keo lived in a small hut he built for himself.

In November 2019, Keo attended a worship gathering and was touched by the Lord. He received salvation and was baptized.

In early 2020, his wife, relatives and fellow villagers found out about his Christian faith.  His wife and relatives threatened to leave him and cut him off from family if he did not stop believing in Jesus. Village leaders warned of possible eviction from the village.

Despite the persecution, Keo refused to abandon Christ, so villagers destroyed his hut. 61-year old Keo is now living with a local pastor. He is in poor health and has no job.

Pray that Keo will remain strong in his faith and will continue to grow in maturity in Christ. Pray that he will experience healing, find work to support himself and get a place of his own to live in.

Pray that the Lord will bless the pastor who so generously welcomed Keo into his home, and the pastor’s family and church. Pray that all their physical, financial and spiritual needs will be met even before they ask of the Lord.

Pray that Keo’s wife will be open to hear and believe the gospel and receive salvation, and be reunited with Keo.


(Source  & Photo : VOM)

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