Laos – Pastor’s Family Continue to Face Harassment Even After His Imprisonment

Sithong Theppavong, the pastor of a small church in the farming area of Savannakhet Province in the Western part of Laos, was arrested without any charge on 15th March 2020.  Before his arrest, he received repeated warnings to cease his ministry.

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Nearly a year later, Pastor Sithong’s whereabouts remain unknown.  However, his wife continue to face harassment and her motorcycle was taken from her. And anyone inquiring about Pastor Sithong and his family’s situation were being investigated.

Please uphold Pastor Sithong and his family in prayer.  Pray that new information about his whereabouts will be released, especially to his concerned wife. Pray that his family, friends and church members will receive much needed comfort, hope and peace in the Lord during this time of uncertainty.

Pray that the work of the Lord and Pastor Sithong’s ministry in Savannakhet Province will continue to flourish and be fruitful. Pray that many in Laos will have the opportunity to hear the gospel message and receive salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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