“I do not care for lands or houses, as long as I can keep my faith.”

This is what new believer, Jai, told his Hmong family when they disinherited him, and accused him of taking a foreign religion and disrespecting their tradition of ancestor worship. They told him he would have no share in their father’s inheritance and they divided the property among themselves.

Jai received salvation in Christ in December 2019, yet he recognised the value of his inheritance in Christ as far more valuable than any earthly possession. In February 2020, when Jai built a new house, his family and a village leader began threatening him.

Longing for a reconciliation with his family, Jai invited a pastor to the village to explain the Christian faith them. They listened to what the pastor had to say but still insisted that as long as Jai remains a Christian there will always be problems.

Pray that God will anoint Jai and this pastor with wisdom to resolve the matter.

Pray for Jai’s family and those opposing the gospel – that God will remove their heart of stone and put in them a heart of flesh that will recognise and acknowledge our sovereign God and His goodness.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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