Community Warns Against Following Foreign Religion

Ishika received healing from a longstanding illness when a church shared the gospel with her and prayed for her.  She then started attending church and placed her faith in Jesus Christ.

Her neighbours, however, began to notice a change in Ishika and pressured her husband to stop her from following a “foreign religion”.  He responded by drinking heavily, and last year he left Ishika and their three children. He told her that he will not be back until she renounced her faith in Christ.

Ishika and her children have not heard from him in more than six months. She can no longer afford to pay the children’s school fees and they have had to stop school.

Pray that God will supply all their needs and that the children will be able to go back to school. Pray that Ishika and her children will follow the Lord and trust Him for all things.

Pray that Ishika’s husband will come to know Christ.

Do share this prayer request.


Source & Photo Credits : VOM USA)

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