Christian Teen Murdered and Mutilated

On 4th June, Samaru Madkami, stayed home from school due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  His father, Unga, was a leader of the Bethel House Church which met in their home in the village of Kenduguda, Odisha.

At around 11pm, a group of villagers went to Samaru’s house to ask his father, Unga, to attend a meeting, but Unga was not at home because he had taken Samaru’s sister to see a doctor. So Samaru followed them instead, only to find a mob waiting in the jungle. There the youth was stoned and stabbed to death, and subsequently cut into pieces and buried in a pit.

Some of those responsible for the killing of Samaru, accused the Christians of practising black magic that caused of the sickness of several people in the village.  But this allegation was proven to be not true, as the authorities explained that the community’s water supply was the true cause of the illnesses.

In the 3 years since Unga and Samaru made the decision to follow Christ, they have faced continual harassment and threats because of their faith. Attempts have also been made on Unga’s life before.

Please pray for Samaru’s grieving family and members of their house church as they deal with this horrific loss of a young and innocent life.

Pray that God will protect this small group of believers and render justice in the situation.

Pray that the villagers will, in time, respond to the gospel message and experience God’s unconditional love and forgiveness.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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