China – Pray for Christians Arrested after Church Raid

Renai Reformed Church in Guiyang was raided on 16th March and more than 10 Christians were taken into custody.

The church, with less than a hundred members, faced ongoing harassment for refusing to join the government-sanctioned Three-Self Church. In September 2018, they lost their facility after being banned from meeting for worship services. Subsequently, the congregation began holding services in restaurants and hotels where they were raided at least three more times.

Although some of those detained earlier have been released, the church’s leader, Elder Zhang Chunlei, and some members have not been released yet.

Pray for protection over Elder Zhang and the believers who are still in detention. Pray that they will remain strong in the Lord and will not succumb to fear or any form of intimidation. Pray for their release soon.

Pray for wisdom for members of Renai Reformed Church as they seek alternative ways to continue their ministry.

Pray for the many Chinese Christians who are being persecuted for their faith. Pray that God will shine His light through them and lead many more to faith and salvation in Christ.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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