China – Continue to Pray for Early Rain Covenant Church

On the morning of 22nd August, Early Rain Covenant Church members gathered in a home for worship and a fellowship meal. Officers acted on a complaint that an illegal assembly was taking place at the home and tried to enter the home and demanded the identification of everyone present.

After the members’ “love feast” meal, about 17 adults and 10 children were taken into custody while 2 members were physically abused. Most of them were released that night except for Pastor Dai and brother He Shan.

Early Rain Covenant Church members have experienced several raids despite the fact that they now meet in smaller groups and had to frequently change the meeting locations.

Pray for an increase anointing of strength and resilience in the members of Early Rain Covenant Church as they seek to obey and follow the Lord in the midst of a very hostile situation.

Pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance for Pastor Dai and other church leaders as they carry on their ministry work and provide direction to their members. Pray also for the release of Pastor Wang and other believers who remain incarcerated because of their faith in and unwavering commitment to Christ. Pray that God will watch over them and their families and provide for their every need.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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